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some o' that good good

a collection by LikeTheRogue · last updated 2017-12-01 09:10:57
A fast-paced RPG featuring an action-command battle system and an anime-inspired art style.
Role Playing
Fall in love. Save the world. Learn to code.
Visual Novel
Race your way through three continents!
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Short runner game made for Ludum Dare 34
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Story - Radioactive dinosaur that rampages in the city

Mechanics - Good, tight controls that promote spamming. Easy to accidentally jump/stomp without meaning to but the addition of huge numbers of buildings promotes that chaos. Charge and stomp are nice but by the end of it the screen is filled enough that just spamming seems to be more effective.

Aesthetics - Cute designs, good sense of color. The bright radioactive green stands out against the somber violet palette. Coloring the enemies with copper/brown/red tones also helps distinguish them visually.

Technology - Good responsive engine, tight hitboxes, satisfying mechanics.

The prince Umbri has the duty of cleansing the world from the dark illusion that was cast upon it.
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