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a collection by IlexOpaca · last updated 2017-06-28 21:20:37
An atmospheric chillout experiment about environments.
Capsule is a single-player survival game played entirely through a radar interface.
5 minute visual novel about visual novels!
Visual Novel
The demo for Date or Die, showcasing the opening few minutes of the game!
Visual Novel
A young girl goes on a journey with her friend to find a porn actress.
Visual Novel
a very light halloween-themed romance story
Visual Novel
Never, ever make the mountain god angry.
Role Playing
Pocket Mirror is a Horror game created in RPGMaker VX ACE!
two people in a car during the zombie apocalypse
Visual Novel
Play as Princess Charming and save some lads in distress in this visual novel!
Visual Novel
Explore a mesmerizing forest and use your powers as a mighty forest god to restore the harmony.