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other games i've worked on

a collection by NomnomNami · last updated 2019-12-02 22:46:50
Help Beracus and Lee escape a cursed bunker (or die trying) in this point and click, visual novel hybrid.
Visual Novel

i did the soundtrack to this! plus looots of coding help :) there's a lot in this game, i hope people really enjoy it!

It has been raining ceaselessly for 7 days...
Visual Novel

this game was written and coded by me! DarkChibiShadow did all of the artwork. i think we hit a really neat aesthetic with this collab, please give it a shot!

Mermaids! Passions! 23 endings!! Help CiCi follow her dreams~
Visual Novel

this game came from me and DarkChibiShadow feeling super inspired by the Princess Maker series! and although it turned out pretty different from those games, it still turned out to be a pretty fun and unique collab with a lot of heart. it's also the biggest project i've worked on so far!