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Gamkedo Club

These projects have all been created by members of Gamkedo Club practicing team game development together online.

Good lil dungeon crawler
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Developed Aug 27 - Nov 5, 2017

Project Lead, Character Design, AI, Some Animations: Marc Silva

Collision, Item Physics, Tile Behavior, Debug Interface: Christopher McLaughlin

Room Design, World Navigation, Level Editor: Terrence McDonnell

Sound Effects, Attacks, Player Death & Animation: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Environment Art, Enemy Attack Class, Fire Spell: Hadi Y.Q.

Menu and Background Music: Simon J Hoffiz

Boss Fight Music: Thomas Kresge

Slug Roll Art, Slime Munch Art, Poison Cloud Art: Rémy Lapointe

Pit Tiles, Attack Collision Balance Balance, Range Attack: Ezovex Dickson Goh

Fireball Key Update, Box Sound: Barış Köklü

Sigrath: Tiled Setup and Configuration, Tiled Spreadsheet

Change Anim on Walk Direction Code, Web Sound Code: Semih Yıldız

Key Input Bug Fix, Room Debug-Nav, Collision Bug Fix: Chris DeLeon

Fix Automatic Sizing of Canvas using CSS: Renaud Marshall

Swap Anchor Sprite with the Proper Bone Sprite: Orels1

Stylish isometric Sokoban with original block types
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Developed Oct 1 - Nov 19, 2017

Project Lead, Original Prototype, Tile Editor and Exporter, Bedspread Puzzle, Quantum Tunnel Puzzle, Magnet Block Logic & Art: Christopher McLaughlin

Background Animations, Random Puzzle Generator, Particle Effects, "Rooftops" Song, Game Logo: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila (download/like/share the song via his SoundCloud)

Ghost Block Logic & Art: Zak Ali 

Main Menu, Level Selector, Transition Effects, Icy Maneuvers Puzzle, Just Pick One Puzzle, Strong Strong Magnets Puzzle: Rémy Lapointe

Goal Tile Logic, Wireframes, Menu Work, Quantum Hard / Ghostbusters Puzzles: Eugene Meidinger

Gameplay Programming, Various Block Logic & Art, Magnet Puzzles: Marc Silva

3 Introductory Puzzles: Chris Deleon

Roll your egg of choice safely to each basket.

Developed Sept 24 - Dec 3, 2017

Team Lead: Erik Verlage

Programming: Kornel, Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila, Naro, Tim Waskett, Hadi Y.Q., Chris DeLeon

Music and Sound Effects: Jeff Penny

Level Design: Cameron Button, Daniel Viruet, Chris DeLeon, Erik Verlage

Egg Design: Mary Brady, Tim Waskett, Naro, Remy Lapointe, Terrence McDonnell, Oasis Rim, Levi Miner, Kornel, Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila, Chris DeLeon

A relaxing first-person puzzle/exploration game set on a small world

Developed Nov 20, 2016 - Apr 23, 2017

Project lead, design, programming (game play, tools), 3D modelling (plants, props, structures), environmental design: Tim Waskett

Narrative: Chris Markle

3D modelling (planet), environmental design: Nick Baker

3D modelling (props, pyramid, scarecrow), sound effects: Micky Turner

3D modelling (props, buildings), play testing: Caspar Dunant

3D modelling (clouds, flowers, statues), play testing: Christer Kaitila

3D modelling (character), play testing: Chris DeLeon

3D modelling (rocks, snowman): Oasis Rim

Play testing: Jeremy Kenyon, Diego Souza, Marcus Silva, JL Evans, Sergio Solorzano, Matthew Ko

Planet editing tools: Reid Alford

A heist game. With ketchup.

Developed Aug 20 - Oct 15, 2017

Project lead, Programmer, 3D Models: Oasis Rim

Programmer, Door models
Ketchup Packet model and animation: @brk_zp

Inventory programming and UI: Sergio Solorzano

Dinosaur exhibit, Exhibit sign models, Floor light models: Christer Kaitila

Background music: Thomas Krege

Ketchup Guard model, Velociraptor model: Cindy Rel Lee

Thinking Shark model, Sunbeam paintings: Tim Waskett

Palm tree painting: Dana Alcala

Ketchup bottle earring and Cave paintings: Sigrath

Blue and Green abstract paintings: Chris DeLeon

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Developed July 16 - Sept 17, 2017

Project lead: Rémy Lapointe

Spell autocomplete programming, collision detection: Michael Noronha

Collision detection, "Life Drain" and "Toxic Cloud" spells: Terrence McDonnell

Particle and sound systems, castle library and dojo backgrounds: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Overworld and main music themes: Dedrick Sarzaba

Jellyfish and chicken monsters: Cindy Rel Lee

Eyeball monster: Christopher McLaughlin

Poison mechanics: Barış Köklü

Lizard monster: Sergio Solorzano

Zombie monster, monster sounds: Dana Alcala

Forest background: Mary Brady

Stop the robot invasion in fully-destroyable Earth ruins

Developed May 5 - July 31, 2016

Lead, Gameplay Code, Destroyable Buildings: Chris DeLeon

Art Lead, Robot 3D Models+Textures, Terrain, Research Buildings: Angelo Gazzia

Models for Wrecking Hovercraft, Fusion Core, and Fusion Collector Tank, also Sound Effects: Micky Turner

Tractor Beam, Giant AI, Explosion Effects, Collection Mode, Rocket Model: Jeremy Kenyon

Original Music: c:games

Addl. Story: Steve Palley

Addl. Fire and Sky VFX: Tim Waskett

Rescue lost astronauts from space caves
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Developed May 28 - Aug 6, 2017

Game concept, design, programming and team lead: Zak Ali

Cavern artwork, animation:Cameron Button

Title, intro, alien art, programming: JL Evans

Game Story and code, alien art, Sound FX: Dana Alcala

Game animation FX, Programming: Ezovex Dickson Goh

Alien art, ship art, cavern sound FX: Andy King

Level Editor (original): Artur Slomowski

Alien AI, sound, particles, juicing code: Christer Kaitila

Original core code, team mentor and coach: Chris DeLeon

Fuel badge: Mary Brady

Jetpack programming: Remy Lapointe

Game soundtrack: Noah Lema

Sci-fi themed optics-inspired puzzle game
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Developed Mar 3 - Apr 12, 2016

Project Lead, Programming (Game Mechanics): Erik Verlage

Programming (Level Editor): Andreas Lathe

Programming (Menus, Audio): Marcus Silva

Artwork (Sprites): Dionell Macabugao

Programming (Cutscenes, Animation Code):Chris DeLeon

Sound Effects and Tracks: Thomas Kresge

Story: JL Evans

Level Design: Tim Waskett (10, Internal Reflection; 10, Mixed Mechanics), Erik Verlage (8, Tutorial), Marcus Silva (1, Curves), Dan Lazar (1, Reflection Brings Two Together)

The journey of Little 2-bit; a shmup made at Gamkedo.club
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Developed Jul 20 - Oct 23, 2016

Project Lead, Coding, Life/Health Art: Caspar Dunant

Rocket Art: Jeremy Kenyon

Story, Energy Ball, Rocket, and Space Ship Art: Chris Markle

Player Shields: Chris Karpyszyn

Tile Map Code, Stars Parallax: Chris DeLeon

Turrets Art: Mykola Mykhailytskyi

All Sounds: Micky Turner

Cave Level: C: Games

Level Design: Eric Andrade

Menu Music: Thomas Kresge

Bosses Art, Enemy Art, Playtesting: Oasis Rim

Page Styling, Weapons Art, Power-Ups, Turret Projectiles Art: Ashleigh Morris

Canvas Scaling, Playtesting: Nicholas Polchies

3D turn based artillery shooter with funny voices

Developed Jan 2 - May 21, 2017

Project lead, sound code, main menu, models (artillery shell, sharktooth bomb, pillar shot), clusterbomb code, unicorn hat, one-liner writing: Jeremy Kenyon

Tylor Allison: Network code, lobby UI and code, items pickups, chat, turns and ammo UI, voronoi terrain and procedural spawn locations, player customization menu

JL Evans: Voice overs, VO code, models and code for shots (MushBoom and Beet Missiles), arena sand texture, one-liner writing

Christer 'McFunkyPants' Kaitila: Voice overs, arena model, banners and flags, tank models, logo, clouds, hats, one-liner writing

Caspar Dunant: Acorn model, heated air trail effect

Trenton Pegeas: Pillar shot concept and terrain deform template

Micky Turner: Menu and tank shot sounds

Dedrick Sarzaba: sounds (UI tank selection, tank turn/aim sounds, projectile explosion, and tank hit)

Nicholas Polchies: UI health bar and power bar fixes, UI ammo model display fixes

Michael "Misha" Fewkes: Gameplay Music

Mark Brown: Lobby Music

Tim Waskett: Terrain deformation (as coded for Divine Disaster)

Lou Herard: Radius damage callculation and tank knock back

New missions and features for Critical Alpha

Developed Oct 30 2016 - Jan 15, 2017

Reboot (Afterburner) team lead, ground obstacles and vehicle AI:Nicholas Polchies

Original (Critical Alpha) team lead, gameplay, menus, 1992 3D models, 1910 trees/blimp, and mars base: Tim Waskett

AI collision avoidance: Reid Alford

WW1 plane models (SpadXIII and Fokker Dr.I): Caspar Dunant

HUD design and programming, camera shake: Patrick Nugent

Spaceship models, X-29 cockpit, tank models, missiles: Chris DeLeon

Crystal aliens and alien projectile effects: Jeremy Kenyon

Sound design and music: James C. Hoffman

Space ambience: Micky Turner

Special Thanks for procgen terrain tutorial: Sebastian Lague (not a club member)

Discover the secrets of this haunted house's puzzles
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Developed Sept 25 - Dec 11, 2016

Lead, Programmer, Level Design, Art: Oasis Rim

Environment Art, TitleScreen Art, Animated Character Art (Bat, Blob, Grey Skull): Matthew Ko

Programmer, Level Design, Art: Chris DeLeon

Writer: Chris Markle

Music: Jessica Fichot

Sound Effects: Micky Turner

Programmer (Sound, Attic Puzzle), Attic Level Art and Design: Caspar Dunant

Programmer (Keys/Doors): Paul Diaz

Environment Art (Study): Federico Leites

Animated Character Art (Pumpkin), Item Art (Flashlight): April Blair

Programmer (Ghost, Kitchen Puzzle Alpha), Kitchen/Bedroom Level Design: Ashleigh Morris

Animated Environment Art (Clock, Sconces, Plants) : Nick Baker

Character Art (Ghost): c: Games

tower defense in space

Developed Mar 7 - Jul 9, 2017

Team lead, programming, AP Tower model, Simple/Faster enemy models, Cube model: Caspar Dunant

Double barrel tower, programming: Rémy Lapointe

Projectiles, explosion effects, music: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Tower selection, UI setup: Renaud Marshall

UI art, story: Mary Brady

Tower build effect: Nicholas Polchies

Tower build drone model: Andy King

Shooting enemy models, cube models: Cameron Button

Waves timer, UI: Marcus Silva

Level design, programming, gameplay programming: Kornel

Sounds, music: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Sounds: Dedrick Sarzaba

Black hole: Sergio Solorzano

Semi-3D squash in-browser against an AI opponent
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Developed Mar 19 - May 7, 2017

Lead game developer (see detailed credits in-game): Sergio Solorzano

Players serve art/code, full screen code, AI: JL Evans

Scoring, AI, title banner: Marcus Silva

Menu programming: Matthew Ko

Credits and Ball hit sound integration: Adam Croft

Menu Music: Nikki Sapp

Sprint and sound mute programming: Ashleigh Morris

Ball bounce trail: Christopher Kocan

Sprint sweat particles: Andreas Lathe

Game scale to full screen, debug support: Caspar Dunant

Sourced sounds, Howler integration, gamepad support:Christer (McFunkypants) Kaitila

Computer AI and game debugging support: Chris DeLeon

Game Testing: Jeremy Kenyon, Trenton Pegeas

Retro ant platformer with powers and puzzles
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Developed Jan 7 - Feb 11, 2016

Project Co-Lead, Lead Level Designer: Henry Shotwell

Project Co-Lead, Art / Animation: Jonathon McClendon

Level Editor Design and Programming:Charlie Volpe

First Tile/Jump Code, Support, Brown Rooms: Chris DeLeon

Purple Rooms Level Design: Erik Verlage

Music Composer: Charlie Shotwell

Sci-fi hover vehicle destruction derby

Developed Mar 12 - Jun 11, 2017

Project Co-Lead, player motion, main programmer: Chris DeLeon

Project Co-Lead, Concept, Ship models, Moon Track Co-Designer, Ax Hazard, Game Music: Micky Turner

AI for Avoidance, Recovery, and Hazard: Anthony Juarez

Moon Track Co-Designer, Smoke particles, Title Menu, Bridge and Ramp Models, Volumetric Lighting, Bowl Level, Faceted Building Models: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Sound (WWise Integration):Adam Croft

Smooth Architecture: Nick Baker

Screw and Hammer Hazards:Mark Brown

Lava Stage: Sergio Solorzano

Title Logo: Jerry McClellan Jr.

Menu Music: Nikki Sapp

Health Powerup Icon: Cameron Button

Shield Powerup Icon: baamosk

Menu Sound Effects: Ignacio Aguirre

A Mahjong Connect game
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Developed Oct 23 - Nov 27, 2016

Project Lead, Coding, Classic Tilesets: Caspar Dunant

Tileset Hiragana: Jeremy Kenyon

Tileset Crosspoint: Chris DeLeon and Erik Verlage

Sounds: Micky Turner

Music: Nick Baker

Trading game to wreck the elven economy
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Developed Jun 25 - Aug 13, 2017

Concept, team lead, balance, shop UI, city system, trading system, save/load, few item icons: Marc Silva

Economic algorithms, scale icon, camera pan limit: Sergio Solorzano

Icons for spice and wine: Dionell Macabugao

City consumptions and number formatting:Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Icons for fabric, wheat, steel, iron, meat, and cities on map: Ezovex Dickson Goh

Ambient music, desert, forest, mountain, lava: Dedrick Sarzaba

Map art: Nick Baker

Opening and ending music: Michael "Misha" Fewkes

Navigation music: Simon J Hoffiz

Dialog UI, cheese bar: Chris DeLeon

Overhead co-op medieval battle
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Developed Mar 24 - May 12, 2016

Design, Team Led, Menu Code, UI, Abilities (healing, horn, throwing attacks): Henry Shotwell

Player Character AI (Melee and Ranged), Collision and Enemy AI Bugfixing: Andreas Lathe

Waves Code, Weapons Code Refactor, Most Enemy AI, Polish/Fixes: Nicholas Polchies

3D Enemy Art, Arena, Columns: Angelo Gazzia

Animated Player Characters: Sasha Reneau

Original Soundtrack for Title and Action Music: Charlie Shotwell

Fire Spell Effects, Sound Code Hookups:Marcus Silva

Writing (Intro Story Text): Steve Palley

First Weapons (Sword, Shield, Arrow, Grapple Hook), Animation Code, Logo: Chris DeLeon

Twin-stick arcade space shooter
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Developed May 28 - July 23, 2017

Original project lead, base programming, player movement and input, concept art: Renaud Marshall

Score display, score UI, refactoring, various powerup and laser art, music code, menus and pause, fleet enemy type: Michael Noronha

Switched strafing direction, powerup flashing, shield powerup art, health bar update, pause menu: Sahil Haridas

Timeout before spawning waves, code optimization, shield powerup: Ezovex Dickson Goh

Tracking powerup and fine tuning, level authoring, boss AI, boss art: dtderosa

Background and player ship art, projectiles art, player attack input, sfx: Andy King

Music: Simon J Hoffiz

Strafing movement, collision tuning: Dana Alcala

Healthbar art, ship direction art, shield art: Mary Brady

Particle system, gamepad support, screenshake, shockwave particle, powerups:Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Dynamic display size, enemy wave structure, wave name display: Chris DeLeon

3D space combat, lone interceptor facing huge ships.

Developed Oct 1 - Nov 6, 2015

Project Lead, Gameplay, Levels: Chris DeLeon

Models for Serpent, Interceptor, & Turret:Dan Lazar

Ship & Serpent Textures, Game Logo: Sasha Reneau

UI Design and Implementation: Marcus Silva

Sound Effects and Original Music: Nate Chambers

Narrative Design: Leiah Fournier

Creative Commons Music Selection: Joe Spradley

Music: Kevin MacLeod (Creative Commons, not a club member)

Solve puzzles by visually applying linear algebra concepts
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Developed Jun 19 - Aug 28, 2017

Project Lead, Programming, UX/UI: Erik Verlage

Sound and Music: Micky Turner, Lily Pixie

Color Consultant: Sasha Reneau

Puzzle Design: Erik Verlage, Tim Waskett, Chris DeLeon, Jeremy Kenyon, Chris Markle, Micky Turner, and Paul Diaz

Level Card Icon Generator: Chris DeLeon

Level Testers: Alex Verlage, Sunita Darbe, Midori Shibuya, Sarah Haney, and Kelsey Murphy

Asteroids-like with procedural glitch effects
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Developed Mar 19 - May 14, 2017

Project lead, programming, game design, writing: Ashleigh Morris

Particle system implementation: Sergio Solorzano

Title screen imagery: c: Games

Sound system creation: Christopher Kocan

Debugging assisting, coaching: Chris DeLeon

SFX creation, implementation: Dedrick Sarzaba

Gamepad support, retro overlay fx, sfx, asteroid wrapping mechanic: Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila

Performance enhancements, wave effect, glitching: Nicholas Polchies

Writing, shot wrapping, project compilation, performance enhancements, cutscene implementation: Marcus Silva

Procedurally drawn asteroids, collision detection, vector ship: Caspar Dunant

Background music track: Nikki Sapp

Pause menu, quit button: Zak Ali

Point and click 3d adventure. Viva la cube!

Developed Nov 6, 2016 - Jan 29, 2017

Project lead, player motion programming, puzzle and level design, writing: Chris Markle

Dialog and choice system programming:Reid Alford

Models (trash can, lamp, rug, frosted windows): Caspar Dunant

Models (toys, doors, salt & pepper shakers, food tray cart, table, stool, chairs), main menu UI programming, QA, audio integration: Oasis Rim

Models (signs), QA: Jeremy Kenyon

Sound effects and music: Micky Turner

Sound effects, funky guitar licks, QA: Christer Kaitila

Models (Security camera, keypad, kitchen cabinets and sink, tissue box), inventory system and item use programming, scene lighting: Chris DeLeon


Developed Nov 12 - Dec 15, 2017

Team Lead, Programmer, People: Chris DeLeon

Dialog Design, Hats Cabinet, Game Design and Pixel Art for 6 games: Henry Shotwell

3D Cabinet Model: Eric Andrade

Cabinet Textures for 3 Games: Sasha Reneau

Prizes art (Dice, Eyes): Charlie Volpe

Toy Gun Prize: Dan Lazer

Reagan Runner Concept, Boot Art: David Yoon

Music: Nate Chambers

Atmosphere SFX: Andy Hofle (found, non-member)

Music Producer: Mario Bueno (Creative Commons)

Co-op puzzle solving adventure rats

Developed Jan 21 - Feb 25, 2016

Project Lead, Gameplay, Story, Character Model, Layouts, Environment Models, Puzzle Models, Logo: Leiah Fournier

Core Programming, Network Co-Op, Camera Movement, Player Controls, Audio: Jeremy Kenyon

Puzzle Animations, Environment and Puzzle Models: Tim Waskett

Player Ability Code, Puzzle Mechanics, Debugging: Nicholas Polchies

Textures, Shaders, Lighting, Environment Models: Dan Lazar

Addl. Models: Sponge, Closed Book, Dishsoap, Can: Charlie Volpe

Cooking Pot Model: JL Evans

Puzzle Mechanics, Debugging, Spoon & Spool Models: Chris DeLeon

Original Composition of Theme and Level Music: Thomas Kresge

Delivering pizza in the wasteland of society
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Developed Apr 21 - June 9, 2016

Project Lead, Programmer, Game Designer: Jeremy Kenyon

Two neighborhoods, rifle and ammo code, enemy hit animations and health, menu mouseover, main menu colors, hud improvement, character model adjustments, enemy attacks, armor, addl. game design: Chris Karpyszyn

Created sound effects and music for game, created different building types: c: Games

Created model for main character, start screen image, ending level, oven: Angelo Gazzia

Developed the level editor (originally made for ANTventure, adapted for this game): Charlie Volpe

An arcade combat flight-sim with procedurally generated terrain and missions.

Developed May 19 - Jul 17, 2016

Lead Design, Gameplay Programming: Tim Waskett

HUD Design and Programming: Patrick Nugent

3D Modeling: Tim Waskett, Caspar Dunant, Chris DeLeon, Jeremy Kenyon

Sound Design: James C. Hoffman

Special Thanks: Sebastian Lague

Match 3 game with anti big-brother themes
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Developed Oct 8 - Nov 6, 2015

Project Lead, Main Programming: Jeremy Kenyon

Art: Sasha Reneau

Game Programming: Marcus Silva, Sam Tobia

Music: Calix Reneau

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