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a collection by Rad Potato · last updated 2022-01-19 07:17:09

Series of mostly free pixel based game kits and Assets created by Rad Potato.

An asset pack containing hundreds of sprites, such as bullets, rockets, spells, beams, and so much more!

The third PIXEL PERFECT KIT! Now Includes over 500 premium projectile sprites, like bullets, bombs, and lasers!

A Small Assortment of 16x16 Halloween themed Sprites!

Small Sprite set to celebrate Halloween.

NOW OVER 100! Detailed and unique Weapons of Wizardry, with evil and good versions of similar weapons!

First in the WARCHEST series of pixel arsenals, WIZARD’S WARCHEST gives you 100+ rad weapons to use in your games

FREE pack of 1000+ ESSENTIAL game pieces!

Now the largest pack, with hundreds of essential sprites... for free!

TONS of buttons for controls, interfaces and more! With modular elements also!

Tons of button sprites, and symbols. With everything separated for custom button making, along with plenty of premade buttons!

A free pack with all the sprites needed to make your own space shoot em up!

All the Art you might need for a Shmup of your own!

125+ Pixel Art Candy Sprites

First Pack of 2022, adding it to the 2021 bundle for fun though

A FREE pack with 30, 32x32 PIXEL, 1 BIT buildings

The first PIXEL PERFECT 1-BIT KIT! This is a simple pack with 30, 32x32 Pixel, 1-BIT Buildings. Marks the first part in a set of multiple 1-Bit styled Buildings

A FREE pack with 30, 32x32 PIXEL, 1 BIT buildings

PART 2 in the 1-BIT buildings series of packs, bringing it up to 60 1-BIT building sprites for FREE

Part 3 of 30 free 1-bit buildings

A HUGE set of various PIXEL shapes, Icons, props, and sprites, ideal for testing new ideas

A HUGE KIT containing 60+ sprites for testing out ideas, plus a whole cutout animation character included

A set of TWO HUNDRED ready to use PIXEL Crosshairs and Reticles, in both black and white.

A MASSIVE KIT containing a diverse set of 200 ready to go Pixel Crosshairs/Reticles