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Recommended by Scorecery

a collection by Game Fiction · last updated 2017-05-12 20:32:10
posted 2017-02-22T06:13:02 by Game Fiction

Full review: http://scorecery.com/r/vacuous

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posted 2015-08-26T01:12:03 by Game Fiction

"The ease of access for non-artists comes at the price of minimal room for customization."

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posted 2015-08-24T18:58:17 by Game Fiction

Parallax is the next in line for the first person puzzle/exploration/platforming/whatever genre which I've now reviewed multiple iterations of on this site alone. And while I make that sound like a problem worth whining about, in truth I absolutely love this recent trend. First person puzzle games are great because they throw you right into the mix of things and force movement as a factor in solving the game's challenges, which adds a speed to the pacing that some puzzles games sorely need.

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posted 2015-08-24T18:57:39 by Game Fiction

A man may fight for many things: his country, his principles; his friends. Jared Casey Dent, the protagonist of Pyrodactyl's newest game, Will Fight For Food will quite happily fight for a ham sandwich.. Not even a good one, either.

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posted 2015-08-24T18:56:32 by Game Fiction

Have you ever wondered to yourself, what a day in a life of a deer is like? Have you ever thought about the moral ambiguity of being a hunter and your quest for prey? Have you ever felt the need to run for your survival? Have you been compelled to do this while solving small piecemeal quests for anyone willing to talk to a deer who can shoot fire out of their antlers? Those are just some of the offerings that are in The Deer God.

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posted 2015-08-24T18:55:14 by Game Fiction

Unlike the godly games that came before, such as Populous and Black And White, Crest has you playing a much more benign deity that cares more for the health and well-being of your followers than world conquest.

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posted 2015-08-24T18:53:29 by Game Fiction

There it is, a demon of monstrous size unlike anything you've ever seen before in your tiny, insignificant life as a crude pixel outline of a man. The monolith appeared to be sitting in ruins until you shot your lone arrow at it like a total dick. Large, floating hands desperately try to crush your bones to make titan bread as you roll left, right, backward, and forward looking for an opening. Less than 10 seconds into this battle for the ages you see the glowy "KILL ME HERE" mark on its chest and let loose your lone arrow once more, instantly killing this small-building-sized creature. After sucking its soul out for some reason, you take a moment to collect your arrow and wonder what it would be like to fight something for longer than a minute. Oh well, better kill the rest of them.

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posted 2015-08-24T18:52:03 by Game Fiction

"A succubus makes love to a vampire with a monkey on her knee." A phrase I never thought I'd ever come across but one that currently sums up my experience of KeeperRL; that of intrigue and confusion. The premise is simple: you are a Keeper, a burgeoning Dark Lord with a few imps and a pocket of gold to your name. You must carve out a lair on the randomly generated map and attract Goblins, Orcs, Ogres and more into your service. Designate workshops and training rooms to build your army. Study in the library to unlock new spells to cast. Torture the innocent to generate more mana. Then, when you are ready, ride out and conquer the tribes of the land! All with cutesy 2D sprites.

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posted 2015-08-24T18:50:46 by Game Fiction

Are you tired of quests and objectives, but still want that satisfaction of defeating the big bad boss? Are you looking for something retro with an arcade style? Still want it action packed and filled with colorful explosions? Does it seem like I'm just throwing opposite things together to get your attention? Did it work?

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posted 2015-08-13T17:01:58 by Game Fiction

Full Review: http://infiniteindie.com/3915/static-speaks-my-name-has-something-say-you-and-youre-not-going-it

posted 2015-08-10T02:38:09 by Game Fiction

After diving headfirst into Dungeon Souls expecting a nice walk-in-the-park sort of play style, I picked the beloved archer and went to it. I then died about 12 times within the first ten minutes of entering the Dungeons. Suffice it to say, there's a tad bit of a learning curve with Dungeon Souls.

Dungeon Souls is the love child of Risk of Rain and Binding of Isaac. It's a pixel art rougelike fan's dream come true, with beautiful lighting mechanics, fluid controls, and gorgeous animation to boot. With similar colours and aesthetics to Risk of Rain, the game handles much closer to Binding of Isaac in terms of items and play style. There also exists repeated level progression involving the Skeleton King, Goo Monster, Ice Golem and Soul Guardian bosses; and that is the cycle you'll find yourself running, death after excruciating death. However, each time you ascend to the Cathedral level and defeat the Soul Guardian, the loop begins again at the Dungeons.

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posted 2015-08-08T22:55:31 by Game Fiction

I'm gonna be straight up with you guys. I. Freaking. Love. Sky Rogue. I'm talking Tom Cruise levels of deranged couch jumping. I love Ace Combat and I love Starfox. Combine both of those games in a roguelite fashion and this is the result.

There's no story to Sky Rogue and the tutorial is quick and efficient. The controls are easy to pick up; anyone who's played Ace Combat, Hawxs, etc. will be a master in minutes. Although I would highly recommend a game pad of some sort. Mouse and keyboard control is serviceable but nowhere near ideal. What I like is that you can switch the camera between following you or tracking your target. This allows you to dodge incoming missiles, make manurers in dogfights and set up bombing runs so much easier; along with letting you enjoy the explosive results of a run.

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posted 2015-08-01T03:16:44 by Game Fiction

Upon firing up Sunset you find yourself in an elevator, the reflection of a young woman to the left and control buttons to the right. A brief soliloquy describes her background: Angela Burnes - a college graduate from a racially tense 1970s American society now cleaning house for a wealthy man in the fictional country of Anchuria. Being this is a story-driven walking simulator, there is much more than just folding clothes and dusting happening in this country, yet here you stand, separated by that thin pane of glass. A witness to a war; has that even happened in the history of gaming?

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