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Jeremiah Franczyk's Game Credits

Games I've been involved in making.

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Use parkour and guns to fight back against the Martian Robot Uprising in this FPS. Free Mars!!!

Focus: Production & Level Design- Led a large-scale FPS Unity Game Project with 14 contributors over five months; Designed 2 large FPS levels

What: A parkour-based Sci-Fi FPS set on Mars.
Where: HomeTeam GameDev project.   
When: Fall 2021-Spring 2022

My Contributions: Project Lead, Movement Mechanics,  Level Design (large parts of 2 of 3 levels), Weapons, Game Design, C# Programming, Art, Sound and UX Design. 

Arena Shooter with weapon modifications. A collaborative project for HomeTeam GameDev.
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Focus: Level Design

What: A 3D arena shooter with design cues from Quake 3 and Devil Daggers. 
Where: HomeTeam GameDev project. 
When: Summer 2021

My Contributions: Coding, Lighting and Level Design for the Facing Portals level. 

Use your trusty rocket launcher to defeat the alien robots holding you and make your way back home
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Focus: Production & Level Design- Led a large-scale Game Project with 12 contributors over four months; Designed 22 mechanically distinct levels

What: A 2D physics platformer featuring rocket jumping.
Where: HomeTeam GameDev project.
When: Spring 2021

My Contributions: Project Lead, Programming, Level Design (22 out of 24 levels), Mechanics, Game Design, Art, Animations, UI

Control time! Stop an invasion!
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Focus: Level Design (VR)

What: A precision VR shooter featuring time travel.
Where: HomeTeam GameDev project.
When: Winter 2020

My Contributions: Coding, Models, and Level Design for Chaos Dimension and Desert.
Design Article:

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Focus: Level Design

What: A sci-fi robot 3D platformer.
Where: HomeTeam GameDev project.
When: Fall 2020

My contributions: Particle Effects; Level Design, Coding and mechanics for Jungle level (shown above).
Design Article:

A student life plus dungeon exploration narrative inspired by Persona and Harry Potter.
Role Playing

Focus: Narrative Design

What: A 3D platformer set in a magical academy. 
Where: HomeTeam GameDev project. 
When: Fall 2021

My Contributions: Narrative Design for the Lyle/Specter and Skye narrative arcs. 

Metroidvania Labs
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Focus: Experimentation

What: A 2D Metroidvania-style game where you have to destroy/use dark ooze to traverse each level.
Where: HomeTeam GameDev project.
When: Summer 2020

My contributions: Spritesheet character animations run and walk with and without gun for initial EV suit.

Inspired by Kung-Fu Master for NES
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Focus: Experimentation

What: A multi-stage martial arts brawler.
Where: HomeTeam GameDev project.
When: Fall 2019

My Contributions: Spritesheet character animations for player knockback, jump and helicopter kicks.