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gameslayer1000's Collection

A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees.
Role Playing
So many games where you're the slaver... time to be the slave.
Role Playing
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A lewd fighting Game Prototype
A lewd game for the lewd jam
A fantasy adventure RPG set between two parallel worlds filled with beings known as Lumminai.
Role Playing
Guide Serena S through 7 stages of shmup action, jumping, shooting, and yet decidedly more jumping and shooting.
NSFW! Erotic and sexy? Really depends on who you are...
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Sprite-sex platformer with a dark theme
A collection of short sexy comics surrounding the one and only succubus Franny!
physics based sex sim.
Unveil the mystery of the Shapeshifters lost civilization, while you go through sexy and fun (mis)adventures!
Role Playing
A short and silly consent-friendly and sex-positive VN!
Visual Novel
A short twine by Nyka Dear
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You will create sex additional fun with this app.
Get a taste of what Sexyverse Comics has to offer! NSFW!
Sextris a Sexy Tetris browser game made in HTML5.
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Hentai puzzle action/puzzle game