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Games that I think are pretty cool!

Oquonie is a textless adventure across an intertwined megastructure.
A bullet-hell shooter where the only way to move is to shoot.
A game about draggin' out doggos.

A puzzle game about feeding doggies and collecting ham! This little puzzle game has a lot of charm.

A surreal trip through the mundane

This game makes everyday environments magical, it's pretty amazing!

Take a walk in the rain #GGJ17

As soon as I launched the game, I fell in love with the lighting... it's worth playing solely for that!

A little adventure about freedom

The art style of PiAwk is very unique, and it makes for a pleasant experience.

An adorable puzzle game about being a monster and making snowmen

A lovely puzzle game, with a very unique charm about it.

Experimental Colourful Exploration Machine

A terrain morphing toy with heaps of hidden secrets to discover, a relaxing game to fiddle around in!

// add a short description here

The visual style of outline is super good! Also a neat little platformer.

A Wartime Garden Simulator

A relaxing gardeing game, and the inspiration behind my own game 'Home Grown'.

Have a cold beer with an old friend under the warm Texas stars.

Catch up with an old time friend, and talk about some things.

An ominous sound toy

A sound toy that lets you mesh things together too create your own cool soundscapes!