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john123381's Collection

a collection by john123381 · last updated 2017-05-12 20:33:16
A story driven sci-fi action/exploration/survival game with a top down 2D retro inspired style.
Welcome again to the world of old-school survival horror with Fleshforward. You will never leave this city alive
Last Light is a first-person horror game for the PC
the story of a wolf looking for their friend (sequel to Clever Fox Moxie)
Role Playing
the story of a wolf who moves in to a town full of rabbits
Role Playing
Defuse bombs under a time constraint.
An exploration puzzle game in a mind-bending world.
A crush on the mysterious guy hanging out near your window at night. What could possibly go wrong here?
Visual Novel
An open-world RPG based on Kkat's 'Fallout: Equestria'
Role Playing
Tiles for your game!
This is a free asset pack containing 4 models from the CorcraProps Rustic set.
Animation of an officer for your game project
free game music asset for your games
Over 70 hand-drawn stock art assets!
Free CG Textures for personal/commercial games
Five high-res, tileable Sci-Fi textures.
Low poly space ship + 22 skins, OBJ, 3DS, FBX, MS3D
Awesome items for your game
low poly rifle pack contains 10 different low poly rifles
Free beats, breaks and random soundscapes for your games.
Simple, clean platformer tileset with rounded corners and beveled edges.
Free beats, breaks and random soundscapes for your games.
Parallax background for side-scrolling and platformer games
A Free Pixel Art Forest for you!
Collect food, break walls, and don't get hit by zombies to survive as many random generated levels as possible
Play in browser
Portal-like puzzle in 2D without portals...
Play in browser
Head into the deepest, darkest jungle to rescue your beloved Megan. Are you brave enough to enter the DARKNESS?
A short horror experience set in Leeroy's spooky house
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