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A black comedy about a girl trying to find her sister.
Four rooms, four girls, five locked doors, one question: how to get out of here? (Demo)
A story to keep his favorite childhood friend in the house.
Starting a new chapter in your life, you move to a farm and enter the world of monster farming!
Alongside your cute coworkers, you diligently work to create indie games. All you're missing is a girlfriend!
Visual Novel
A romantic visual novel about a panty hunt
Visual Novel
An orphan girl who can see things, but wants to find out where she came from?
Role Playing
A game that explores one individual's mental struggles through their dreams.
An otome game that allows you to "raise" your own boyfriend by molding his personality to your liking.
Visual Novel
A furry yume nikki fangame
A 1 hour game about close sibling relationships.
Visual Novel
collect the lost letters!
explore a seemingly-flawless tropical paradise while processing deep trauma and overcoming depressive states.
A (one-battle) tactical puzzle RPG. Charthur and Jasmaby fight an invincible foe!
Role Playing
A small Yume Nikki fangame for the Dream Diary Jam 2016.