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NeoRon's Books

a collection by NeoRon · last updated 2017-05-12 20:33:15
Understanding the Dreamcast from inside its game worlds
A no-nonsense guide to taking your first steps in the online game writing world.
The book of the No Time To Play blog
Learn to market your upcoming game so you go from 10 players to 10,000.
The digital version of the book preserving the art of Glitch
art and story booklets accompanying the demo release
Hey! It's the pdf version of my super cool Worlds of Power parody book.
After losing two of the most important people in his life, 16-year-old Takumi relentlessly searches for information...
A short story that takes place 2 years before the events of MD:SOA
Your very own BASIC interpreter is closer than it appears
The Art of SUNSET and The Diary of Angela Burnes
A guide to understanding, appreciating, loving, and loathing videogames.
Gameplay concept developed for a 6-hour game jam.
The brief, comprehensive and indispensable guide to getting your game covered.