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Eiri J Brown's Collection

a collection by Eiri J Brown · last updated 2017-05-12 20:33:15
A short and silly consent-friendly and sex-positive VN!
A dating sim featuring one of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton.
A visual essay on gay experience.
A fictional slice-of-life short story about living with Bruce Lee.
A romantic evening of speed dating
Date just about anything!
A RPGMaker Story about a Snowglobe and an Hourglass.
cool and new hiveswap
Goldy & the Bears chapter 1!
Burger Butts can't help it!
The life and relationship of Battam the witch and Sal the satyr.
A short body horror story.
Notebook pages from a recent trip to Berlin
Failed attempt to make a comic strip series.
Short indie comic
8 magical girl designs based off of 8 different body parts~
beautiful terrible
An Osomatsu x Choromatsu Anthology
7 Recipe Comics by Beabravo
A Suujimatsu Zine!
A mini-comic about kids who climb a mountain to grant a wish and the mountain spirit they find.
A comedy/drama minicomic about 2 girls living together
the beginning of a friendvernturer's journey!
a mini comic virtual pet!
what happens to the villain after he is defeated?
a collection of sketchbook drawings