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other games i've worked on

a collection by Kishi · last updated 2017-05-12 20:33:08
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posted 2017-03-27T02:42:57 by Kishi

I did the programming, the UI programming+design (menu), some art editing and some of the original game design!

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posted 2017-03-16T19:51:43 by Kishi

I did all the art.

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posted 2017-02-08T21:28:37 by Kishi

I did the art for all elements (except for the spring) and did the coding for asteroid orbiting and interaction with gravity.

posted 2016-12-16T03:14:59 by Kishi

I did all the 2D art (except for credits) and the concept art for all characters.

posted 2016-12-16T03:13:27 by Kishi

I did the concept art, lineart, and color palettes for all characters. Additionally I did some script editing as well.