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a collection by NixenSya · last updated 2017-04-10 01:56:53
Have you ever wondered what it's like to live life as a sentient slice of bread? Now's your chance to find out.
Practice your dream build with the demo of PC Building Simulator!
a short love story about time and space
Visual novel mystery
A romantic Visual Novel set in Archaic Greece
A sad story about a 19th century girl who meets an untimely end.
A metafictional VN about gay nuns in an abandoned church.
a bite-sized dark fantasy yuri vn
A fantasy adventure RPG for #yurijam!
A dark retelling of a forgotten fairytale in a visual novel form
Romance is in the air when otome characters come to life!
Visual Novel|English|Español
A BL visual novel about disillusionment, job precariousness and romance in the BDSM scene!
A romantic, medieval-fantasy visual novel...
A supernatural thriller visual novel set in a small mining town called Moonlight, West Coast, 1860s New Zealand.
the story of a wolf who moves in to a town full of rabbits
A rejected otome heroine's quest to prove herself
A spooky tale for a spooky night.
Summer is always full of surprises.
A crack comedy about a girl who falls in love with a Nigerian scammer.
Do you wanna kiss a mermaid?~♫
Cyberpunk romance VN
The princess is content with her secluded life in her castle, but...
A romance game about confidence.
An interactive novel about family, love, and royal confusion
How will your Konbini Life unfold?
The story of a rogue samurai.
A young girl goes on a journey with her friend to find a porn actress.
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