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Gay RPGs & Platformers (No Visual Novels)

A sexy, gay, beat-em-up
NSFW RPG about an anthro dragon, and his adventures in an unknown land.
Role Playing

A RPG where losing is a kinky reward. You control Grove, a soldier exploring an unmapped territory full of things that want to pull you into a host of sexy, subby bad endings.

Strongly recommended if you're kinky and like submissive protagonists.

A gay furry RPG about muscle guys bottoming
Role Playing

An adult RPG that's fully committed to catering to the kink of smaller guys topping big bottoms. If you are into that then you have to play it. The dev's passion for the subject matter is absolutely admirable.

Join boyfriends Varahn and Jasper as they explore a kinky cathouse filled with ghosts!

It's like Paper Mario, but you control a pair of adorable, heartwarming, kinky boyfriend getting into all sorts of trouble in a haunted (sexy) brothel.

Has great sex scenes but TBH it's worth playing from the romantic chemistry of the main duo alone. They're just too sweet.

AAAH! My boyfriend and his enormous junk are coming over for Valentine's day!
Play in browser

A hilarious adult point-and-click game where, putting it bluntly, your goal is stretching yourself to take in your gargantually well-endowed boyfriend.

Just play it, it's fucking amazing. Words alone cannot do justice.

Adult Furry Game

A 3D game where you have sex with a tyrannosaurus in a dingy back alley. Simple in premise and scope, wildly effective in practice and polish. Highly recommended if you like scalies.

Naughty text adventure with monsters and potions
Role Playing

A frankly colossal RPG with lots of sex. Has something for everyone and will probably hit you way too hard.

What will you become? Will corruption seep into your being?
Role Playing

A text-based RPG that caters to kinks such as goo and macro. By my honor I must state that it is "the Dark Souls of gay games" because of its retrieval mechanic, setting and tone.

Follow an orc on his mission to take care of a bounty that is proving to be quite the nuisance.
Interactive Fiction

A point-and-click where you control an orc mercenary in search of a mysterious target. It's a very chill game, almost a comfort food that transports you to a cozy place and atmosphere.

A Pokemon Puzzle game for adults
Play in browser

A surprisingly deep puzzle game, both in mechanics, story and adult content, definitely a hidden gem — more so now, because being Flash-based means that playing it is harder than it used to be. 

An adult furry adventure game
An immersive NSFW text-based RPG with fantasy creatures.
Naughty Animations + 6 Different Costumes
Oh So Hero! An adult furry metroidvania game!
NSFW + JRPG + Short
Role Playing
(18+) A Lewd & Gay furry Hack n' Slash
(18+) NSFW furry roguelike, featuring M/M content.