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meaton124's Best of the Best

A Fantasy Weather Report Generator

This is an interesting tool to have for worldbuilding. I used this to punch up a new map I drew, trying to see if this will help give some life to it. Not only did the pull work, but it gave me a better reason to place the cities the way I did, choose the governments the way I did, and just give me more room to work with. While this is targeted for shipping lanes, the lifeblood of all society is trade. If you need to see how your world works, this is a wonderful little supplement to have!

Solo journaling game and GM supplement.

While the game is rough around the edges, I like the concept and made some tweaks to not only add more to the game itself but also use it to define and develop world-building.

A Map-Labeling RPG

This is a great game! I love it! I can see this working in tandem with a game like Icarus where your players build up a city and then participate in its downfall to set the tone for a future society built on the ashes. This is worth far more than I paid for it and I can't recommend it enough to my gaming associates for something different than the constant graphs, charts, and spreadsheet crunching we're all used to.

As an adjustment, I left Jokers active in the deck. I used this as a way to counter the face cards and add a little extra flavor. In the example, there were soldiers and mages going against each other. The soldiers drew a joker card and crafted a mage defector who made it their goal to bring the mages down with the help of the soldiers. While the joker idea might not be for everyone, I think it adds in enough chaos to make the game that much more thrilling.

Love it, love it, love it! It is in my world-building rotation, I guarantee!

PDF and HARDBACK available. A beautiful, sad, solo RPG about the crush of time and vampires.


One of the best games I have in my collection. Not only does this game flow and breathe with the concept, giving new life to what is a somewhat stale monster these days, this game is all about that sense of what you lose when you gain immortality.

I used this game to fill in a critical gap of a timeline in my world, and not only did it do an amazing job, it gave me many tendrils to explore as the world evolved around the four vampires in question and gave me impressive villains to use for any encounter. I already knew their motivation and I could tailor an encounter to fit in their timeline perfectly.

However, I have to say Tim offers 5-star customer service, and this is coming from a customer service representative. Not only was he constantly keeping us in the loop about updates, but he was also willing to get a replacement for me when I was afraid my physical copy went missing. Thanks to his openness to do so, I felt at ease and knew I would have something in my hands sooner rather than later. 

Luckily, USPS is still completely untrustworthy, but they did deliver and it made me feel better to know I could let him off the hook for their mistake in poor communication.

The book, both in digital and physical form, is a prized possession and one I go to often when I am world-building. If you need a great game, this is the one for you. Get your hands on this immediately!