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Self-published, small-circulation booklets of original and appropriated texts and images on controversial or niche topics in unpolished or unusual layouts, or some combination of some of that, maybe.

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A bi fanzine about my sometimes regrettable love of nasuverse/type-moon media
depression support / survival
ramona made a short, silly zine
Solarpunk won't save the world, but it might imagine a better one. A collection of essays on -Punk
A Foolproof Guide to Monster Taming Vol 1 & 2
A short zine about everyone's favorite rodent.
game spaces + architecture
game spaces + architecture
This is the place to purchase a PDF copy of Big Damn Heroes!
30+ Stylised Dinosaur Illustrations inspired by Street Art and the Trash Polka tattoo style.
A short 'zine showcasing creative experiments and discussion about them.
A Sonic Fanzine for Charity
game spaces + architecture
A fanzine of Land of the Lustrous that's all about spring.
A fanzine about Otabek Altin and Yuri Pliestky. All artwork & fanfics are based in a variety of alternate realities!
a lunar new year overwatch zine
the story of a traumatized butch & disabled alien, told through poetry
A erasure/blackout poetic experiment.
game spaces + architecture
An illustrated collection of poetry
Charity compilation zine for All For The Game
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