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Fervent is joining Maximum Monster Month Jam!

Hey guys! Tomorrow is Maximum Monster Month, a game jam hosted here in I'm trying my hand at it, so from tomorrow until December 10th, I'll be updating the blog on our progress on this jam's project, along with some general updates on Truth:VN. I'm still working out a schedule on updates, but I might update the blog twice a week or so if I could. I'm pretty psyched about it, and you should too! By the end of this month (hopefully), there's going to be a *new* Fervent game!

I will be making an In development game thread in soon and I hope you guys follow it too!

Truth:VN is NOT on hiatus, however. The writing and story are constantly on-going, but our main artist suddenly got a deluge of other commissions which rendered the art progress on standstill. Hopefully, his schedule will relax around the time the jam will be over, and it'll be back to business for TVN.

Thanks so much for supporting Fervent in our projects! We're super excited to do the jam, and hope you keep an eye on what we'll come up with!

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That's awesome--good luck in the jam! :D I also look forward to updates on Truth:VN. C: