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Black Friday BOLT Sale!

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Buy 26 items for $50 Regularly $271.50 Save 81%!
This bundle ended 2020-12-01 08:00:00.

Black Friday BOLT Sale!

The only thing better than a library of amazing indie RPGs is a library of amazing RPGs at an astounding discount!

This Black Friday BOLT Bundle comes with an incredible collection of BOLT settings, supplements, adventures, and standalone releases!

Whether you want sci-fi action, heroic adventure, or neon-soaked grit, this bundle has it all, with:

- Five ready-to-play standalone games
- Five settings compatible with the core rules
- Six BOLT-ON rules supplements
- And so much more!

Whether you want more amazing games to play with your friends, inspiring ideas for writing your own games, or enough reading to occupy you through even a legendary food coma, this bundle will blow you away! I mean, it blows me away, to be honest...

This sale will be live through to CYBER MONDAY!

Includes the following items:

At $50.00 or above

A Supplement for the BOLT RPG Engine by Ajey Pandey.
A Hard Science Fiction BOLT RPG Hack
Weapon & Armor Crafting Rules For BOLT By Ajey Pandey
Expanded Rules for Shields and Taking Cover in the BOLT RPG
Expanded rules for Animal Companions for the BOLT RPG
A BOLT-Action Fantasy ttrpg built on classical elements. (Beta)
A BOLT-Action game of sword fighting souls and sorcerers
Tabletop fantasy brawling for two or more players
A quick BOLT-On solution for Goons in for the BOLT ttrpg
A BOLT RPG Space Fantasy Setting
BOLT-ON rules for Lightning Fast Action with a d6 Dice Pool
A Fantastical Zineventure of Queer Self-Actualization
NPC Stats for BOLT RPG
A Street-Level Superhero Adaptation for the BOLT RPG Engine
The Big Book of Goons
A one page map/zine for BOLT RPG
A Science Fiction BOLT RPG Hack
Cybernetics module for the BOLT RPG Engine
A loose collection of my hacks for The BOLT RPG Engine
A gothic storytelling device
An adventure in three acts for FIVE, a BOLT-Action Fantasy
A Bolt! RPG Wrestling Hack
Role Playing
A BOLT RPG Engine Supplement For Magic Tattoos
A post apocalyptic adventure for the BOLT RPG