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The Brain Trust presents: SCIENCE FAIR

A bundle hosted by World Champ Game Co. Verified Account with content from 23 creators.
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This bundle ended 2020-12-01T08:00:00Z.

THE BRAIN TRUST bands together here to bring you SCIENCE FAIR: a collection of our most groundbreaking, interesting, fun, experimental, and otherwise awesome tabletop games.

What started as a game design experiment in summer of 2019 has grown into a wider community full of friends, shit posts, podcasts, and ... well more game design experiments.

All games listed as part of the bundle are made by members of our extended community with proceeds shared evenly by all contributors. We are extremely grateful for your support.

Listen to the Brain Trust podcast for weekly theory and design discussions with hosts Adam Vass and Will Jobst (on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and everywhere else), then join our Discord to brainstorm and collaborate with us and develop your own science fair project.

Brain Emoji, Handshake Emoji.

Includes the following items:

At $40.00 or above

A Pilot and their Mech sit across a fire. They will die tonight.
A tabletop RPG about the collateral that comes from exploring a world that is rebuilding from an apocalypse.
A larp about the cruel whims of Poseidon
A GMless TTRPG about the clash of over-sized personalities between shapeshifters who can assume human or dragon form
An rpg about morality and the written word told with a single pomegranate
A collaborative storytelling game about magic, revenge, and inevitable death.
Powered-by-the-apocalypse moves inspired by videogames
A Story Game of Magic Lanterns, Political Revolution, and Pentagrams.
A tabletop RPG of gig-economy metro workers clearing up monsters in a subway that dug too deep.
A journaling game of underwater discovery
The mirrors reflect back each a different variation of your face, but only one image will remain true.
An existential road trip game
Co-op Collectable Hex Game
A Cyberpunk Tunnel Goons Hack
Titanfall with a skosh of Destiny in a rules-light TTRPG
Monster hunting in a cursed city.
A rules-lite Borderpunk RPG about superheroic luchadores fighting evil for 1 GM and 1+ players.
A cover of Viditya Voleti's We Who Seek Titans
A Blades in the Dark hack about adventure archaeology and curses.
A short two-player LARP about a non-reciprocal breakup played through touch and voice.