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Tome of the Branded

A bundle hosted by Ape Star Games with content from Ape Star Games, The_Zappa
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All that lives, fears the touch of God.

In the land of Caerbrig, gods walk the earth. Unknowable beings of impossible construction, their forms move with unfathomable purpose, changing the lives of everything they pass. Each overflows with power, which they use to follow inscrutable whim via the act of Branding. Pry into the secrets of divinity and spark your own mind....

This is a 30-page Zine detailing items and lore for a game that doesn't exist! Inside you'll find evocative passages that hint at worlds untold and tantalizing secrets. Everyone loves to think about the worlds hiding under the surface of games and stories, and this Zine is designed just for that experience.

We would appreciate you purchase the tome here, to fairly split the revenue between the co-creators.

Includes the following items:

It's late. You're lost in the woods. You're completely alone with no one to help. Or so you think...
Visual Novel
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A book of forgotten lore, for a game that doesn't exist