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Cyberpunk bundle for Charity!

A bundle hosted by papptimus with content from 8points, Ivan Garcia Filho, papptimus, Simonelmono, Siris Pendrake
DRM free
Buy 20 items for $50 Regularly ~$87 Save 42%!
This bundle ended 2020-11-01T07:00:00Z.

80% of all proceeds go the Child's Play charitable organization.

Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in their network of over 185 hospitals worldwide.

Explore spectacular Sci-Fi worlds, or create your own rain soaked, neon lit futurescape with the Cyberpunk bundle for Charity!

Includes the following items:

At $50.00 or above

Circuit Tree Generator (using unity Particle System)
Bite-sized Cyberpunk Action
Explore Alien Dimensions in this Non-Liniar, Sci-Fi, Run-n-Gun Shooter.
22 Stylized lowpoly scatter props complete with static meshes and textures.
16 unique lowpoly modular static meshes!
16 high quality static meshes that can be used to decorate your SciFi Levels!
Geometric Visual Effects Using Unity's Particle System
Geometric Visual Effects using purely Unity's Particle System
A comb shaped grid sphere with the cells animated through a vertex shader for Unity
A Cyber Beacon procedurally generated through Unity Particles
Lowpoly Cyberpunk vechicles
Glide down to safety. It's worth the effort.
An Asset Pack with Dozens of Sci-Fi Signs and Graffiti!
Cyber Crowns procedurally generated through Unity Particles
A Cyberpunk Girders procedurally generated through Unity Particles
Lowpoly modular Cyperpunk buildings
Sonar using purely Unity's Particle System to detect collision from burst point
Cybernetic neon tunnels procedurally generated through Unity's Particle Systems
A neon Floor procedurally animated through Unity Particles