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Chocolate Egg Day Sale

A bundle hosted by Caz with content from Aekashics, Archeia, Caz, Mimo, Oceans Dream
DRM free
Buy 6 items for $49.99 Regularly $103.95 Save 51%!
This bundle ended 2020-04-18 23:00:00.

Happy  Chocolate Egg Day! 

Grab yourself a real treat with this bundle of hand picked resources from some of RPG Maker's  most popular creators!

Includes the following asset packs:

At $49.99 or above

Engine free pixel assets and MIDI music, formatted to work with RPG Maker 2k3, VX/A and MV!
87 different icons for fantasy RPGs, which come in three different sizes: 32x32, 24x24 and 16x16!
A resource pack focused on creating a school environment. Includes pre-school.
Adult and Kid male facegen parts for RPGMAKER MV
53 static pixel art battlers, featuring humans, monsters and classic jRPG enemies.