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Colludium Three - small press games

A bundle hosted by Blue Golem Games with content from 16 creators.
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Colludium Three is a quarterly bundle highlighting the work of indie tabletop and live-action roleplaying game creators.

Tier I

Sinister Stories

Comics Code Authority era horror—brutal, satanic, ridiculous.

A story game inspired by classic horror comics like the old Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror stories—simultaneously lighthearted and dark, taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to the oddly puritanical moralizing these comics delivered.

Olivia Hill is a digital and analogue game designer, novelist and radical.

The Boughs

Dredd Meets LoTR in an infinite weird-fantasy forest

The Boughs is a weird-fantasy setting guide that puts players in the shoes of Rangers, an exiled alliance of survivalists who alone have learned to thrive in the infinite, deadly forest while all other civilization holds up in titanic boughs - trees that contain entire societies. Rangers are part diplomat, part peacekeeping force, part legendary warriors, dedicated to maintaining the peace inside the endless expanse.

Beginning life as a one-man op publishing small Dungeon World adventures and playbooks, Sandy Pug Games has grown exponentially over the past few years, becoming a queer and inclusive design space publishing the fantasy-modern murder mystery game Americana, becoming a founding member of the San Jenaro Co-Op, heading up the Roleplayer's Guide To Heists and succeeding with their latest kickstarter, Disposable Heroes. They still somehow found the time to publish 6 small games and work with a ton of new and upcoming designers to help them knock their kickstarter goals out the park AND launch their own unique games award event, the Sandy Pug Game Awards.

Basic Witches

Hex with patriarchy with liquid lipstick and PSLs

Basic Witches is a micro RPG about embracing femme identity and living your power. Play as a teen femme to topple the patriarchy and make your power known. 

Alicia is a queer game designer from Canada. They make games about queerness, feminism, and the environment. She is co-managing the Eat the Rich anthology, and has a love for PbtA games. 

Kindergarten Keepers

As the sentient shadow protector of a kid in kindergarten, you’re up for you biggest challenge yet; what if there’s a huge spider?!

You are the sentient shadow of a kid who has just started kinder. As their protector, you put their safety and happiness above everything else. Kinder presents your toughest challenge yet, what if there's a huge spider!?

The aim of this game is to make it through the 3 days of kinder this week without letting your kid cry; if they cry you lose!

Written as a solo game but can be played with more. Solo play takes ~15 mins for a bit of light hearted fun and imagination!

Logan found a love for tabletop games and improvised storytelling in the last few years, especially the unique stories it creates. The tools that tabletop games give you also leave room for a lot of creative freedom, meaning that when different folx sit down to play, no two groups will ever create the same story. That’s pretty magical.  Since discovering this magic, Logan has published a number of games on itch, and is working on a larger project which can be found on Twitter.

Rainbow World

Use an economy of earning and eating Skittles to build the history of a unique world

In Rainbow World, players create a unique world. They take turns establishing facts with the possibility of earning Skittles candy, awarded by the others. Eating a candy lets them create a historical event, it's type determined by the candy color, that changes the world, building a history.

Matt Bohnhoff of Wasteland of Enchantment is a designer of small games with a focus on light tone and whimsy.

Tier II


Do work. Get paid.

An adversarial game of arguments, frustration, and ghosting for two players.

Chriss Bissette of Loot The Room is a musician, writer, and ENnie-nominated game designer.

Goblinauts: Goblins in Space

A pbta game of Goblin community and Anti-capitalism in the Asteroid Belt.

Centuries before the game is set; Goblins, tired of the abuse they suffered at the hands of the other races, made some space ships & launched out into the solar system to survive on their own. They lived in relative peace until now. The Human Empire has finally expanded to Mars & is now reaching past, contact is once again made. The new era must be navigated with caution as to keep the community safe while maintaining independence.

Dyer is an Artist and Game Designer, a founding member of the San Jenaro Co-op and believes strongly in supporting and elevating indie creators. I stream art almost every day at

Thrones and Powers

A game of street level conflicts between rival factions of wizards

Thrones and Powers is an Objective Engines game created for March of the Wizards 2k19. It allows the players to take on the roles of factions of wizards, vying for control of the world, in heated competition with one another. It tells the story of their philosophies as they come into conflict and blossom into new, stranger forms. Thrones and Powers is a game for 4 players over the course of three sessions, each of which last two to four hours.

Mids Meinberg of Goat Song Publishing creates analog games focused on exploring the breadth of the human condition, from the most immediate and personal stories to grand and wondrous journeys. We focus on tight mechanics, careful design, and unities of form and function to provide the tools to create powerful experiences for every player.  We are a truly independent publisher, and every dollar we receive will be going into making our future games all the better.


The Game of Generational Small Town Horror

A long time ago, your ancestors did something very, very bad. Something unforgivable, which is yet to be pardoned or forgot. Now a curse rests upon your community.

It seeps into your life with insidious, creeping irregularity, never letting you relax or experience normality. A supernatural evil that has darkened your family tree for centuries. But no more. You have decided to break the curse, any way that you can. 

There will be consequences.

HEXED was a collaboration between Stone River Games and Black Armada, publishers of fine tabletop roleplaying games

Koallation Combat!

The no-name corporation you work for has a new owner, and due to cutbacks, an employee is getting laid-off. Of course, all of you want to leave: Garfiedus, Demonic Lord of Mondays is the new owner. Garfiedus has demanded that you fight for it in a Battle Royale. Will you move on to greener pastures? Or will you forever be trapped in office damnation? This bundle also features the Koallation Kombat official DLC, Dale, The Cake Guy and Pete, The Brownnoser.

Christopher W. Reynolds is host and Creator of NinjaHELL!, a comedy troupe and game design group. He’s an award winning game designer, filmmaker, and self-identified Influencer™. He also helps to organise and judge the Okashicon x NinjaHELL! Anime RPG Design Contest.


How long before you make a choice? How long before you rebel?

Vultures is a game that puts players in the position of bounty hunters in a post-mecha world, hunting down the rogue pilots and soldiers that refuse to turn in their license and submit to the new Space Mom mega hegemony. The universe and its people are shaped by Before, the war where massive war machines, sinister warminds, and the mechs that walked the stars, caused massive, planet-wide destruction and left the universe in a mess of mecha wreckage.

Batts is a backwards-compatible writer of weird, sad, TTRPG content: adventures, games, systems and anything in between.

At Your Highness’ Pleasure

"Your servants ever

Have theirs, themselves, and what is theirs in compt,

To make their audit at your highness' pleasure,

Still to return your own." - Lady Macbeth

A 200 Word RPG of scheming ambitions and deadly secrets. Chinese Whispers by way of Machiavelli, with a little dash of Blackadder.

J.K. Wish of Stone River Games is a London based designer, creating fine tabletop games on itch since 2019.

Tier III

Domains Horror Roleplaying System

Personalised narrative horror roleplaying experience

This is the Core Rulebook of the Domains Horror Roleplaying System, a #LucidNightmares  framework made to create a narrative horror experience. The system uses a single 4d10 roll to give the players and game master the opportunity to weave an intricate story. Meaning that the dice roll itself will give both the positive and negative parts of the narrative.

Ordoalea Publishing are a small publishing company made to create games we want to play and to give back to the community after 24 years of playing homemade games due to the difficulty of getting games.

The Sol Survivor

A Chinese Mythology Role-playing Game

The Sol Survivor is a GM-less RPG for 3-6 players, played using a deck of playing cards. Inspired by Chinese Mythology, players share the role of a sun who was shot down from the sky. We tell the story of their journey to make it back to the heavens before the world is plunged into eternal darkness.

W.H. Arthur is a professional crystallographer and indie TTRPG designer. He has written games about mythology, magic, and anti-authoritarianism. Arthur was also a co-host of #FolkloreJam on itchio last year.


The Trials of a Cinematic Universe

Your vision has been greenlit, and backed with an ungodly amount of money. As a group, you have been tasked with creating the next great Cinematic Universe, and you are under tremendous pressure to not fuck it up. An RPG for three to six players inspired by Ben Robbins' Follow.

Tyler Magruder of Zargo Games is a nonbinary game designer who builds game with the intent of matching fun flavor with mechanics that compliment the flavor and the fun.


The Complete Role-Playing Game

EVERYVERSE RPG is the COMPLETE role-playing game. It features:

  • As You Like it: 5 methods of character generation
  • Uses the same scale as used in measuring real-world IQ for more meaningful information at a glance
  • Cascades: tree-like arrays of skills from general to specific
  • The Attempt: a single method to resolve all outcomes. Lets you keep your nose out of the book
  • System Conversion: Convert from any other gaming system to EVERYVERSE RPG

Dennis J Parizek passed to the next plane of existence and left EVERYVERSE RPG to me, his wife, Debra. Unfortunately, we were unable to get it published before he passed. With help from our old gaming group, I am updating content and publishing via the internet. Please visit our website for more information on the system: 

Get In The Robot!

A Storytelling Card Game About Saving The World With Lasers, Giant Robots, and Bureaucracy

What if THE OFFICE was secretly a PACIFIC RIM sequel? In GET IN THE ROBOT! you don't play a hotshot mech jockey battling giant monsters in your multi storey war machine, you play as accountants, human resources managers, and social media interns, who all have their part to play in cancelling the apocalypse.

Mitchell loves writing for games, creating worlds with friends, and messing with systems that tell stories. His games tend to blend TTRPG storytelling with pick-up-and-play party game rules.

Includes the following items:

At $50.00 or above

A Chinese Mythology Role-playing Game
A Storytelling Card Game About Saving The World With Lasers, Giant Robots, and Bureaucracy.
The Trials of a Cinematic Universe
The Complete Role-Playing Game

At $25.00 or above

An Objective Engines Game of Philosophy and Control
A 200 Word RPG of scheming ambition
The Demonic Office Battle Royale
The Storytelling Game of Generational Small Town Horror
An Officially Official Alternate Gameplay Mode for the World's Best and Only Office-Themed Physical Battle Royale Game
Card Game
A PBTA game of Goblin Community and Anti-Capitalism in the Asteroid Belt
Simple sci-fi bounty hunter ttrpg!
Do Work. Get Paid. An adversarial game of arguments, frustration, and ghosting for two players.
An Officially Official Alternate Mode of Play for the World's Best and Only Office-Themed Physical Battle Royale Game

At $10.00 or above

An infinate forest, trees housing entire societies, and you, The Ranger, trying to keep the peace
A TTRPG game of teen femmes casting spells with PSLs and hexing the patriarchy!
As the living shadow of a young kid, you must protect them from the dangers of kinder! What if there's a huge spider?!
A short collaborative world-building tabletop game using a candy currency!