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Sci-fi Future Game Asset Bundle

A bundle hosted by Joel Steudler with content from finalbossblues, GalefireRPG, Joel Steudler, PVGames, VexedEnigma
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Buy 7 items for $29.49 Regularly $84.94 Save 65%!
This bundle ended 2020-02-16 05:00:00.

Rocket into 2020 with this soaring sci-fi collection of graphics and audio assets! You'll find otherworldly battle backgrounds, alien antagonists, pixel perfect planetary environments, and atmospheric audio. Seven packs from a variety of creators at a great discount - $84.94 of assets at 65% off!

You can:

    Use these assets in any game engine that supports their file format!
    Use these assets in commercial games!

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Includes the following asset packs:

At $29.49 or above

Explore lost worlds, battle cybernetic foes, or delve into the heart of the machine!
These creepy, eerie, desolate, and dark tracks are a scifi toolbox you can use to construct memorable moods.
42 Scifi Foes for your heroes to battle in your isometric or sideview game!
Sci-Fi tiles and characters for your game-making needs!
A collection of layered Scifi Backgrounds