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Monster Game Asset Bundle

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Buy 6 items for $27.99 Regularly $69.96 Save 59%!
This bundle ended 2020-02-16 05:00:00.

Fill your games with this fearsome February monster mashup! Not only will these crazy creatures populate your projects with a visual variety of beastly battlers, but their raging roars will ring out resoundingly... ok, enough alliteration - this is a great deal with six packs and $69.96 of assets at 60% off!

You can:

  • Use these assets in any game engine that supports their file format!
  • Use these assets in commercial games!

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Includes the following items:

At $27.99 or above

Tyler Warren returns with his 6th 50 set of amazing battlers! It’s time for some Monster Evolution!
This cornucopia of chilling growls, menacing snarls, and angry bellows will give voice to your meanest monsters.
Giant monster game assets! Compatible with all Medieval game assets.
METAL! loosely themed monsters and beasts for RPG, sideview, and isometric based games
20+ monsters, 5+ variants each! Featuring itch.exclusive bonuses: PSDs, Drafts, Updated artworks and new variations!