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The Road to Hell Duology

A bundle hosted by riley rethal with content from gamesfromthewildwood, riley rethal
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Two games of modernized myth, inspired by the musical Hadestown, taken in two vastly different directions.

Heaven in the Dust is a game of gods in the Dust Bowl; of scarcity, mortality, and tragedy. It uses the belonging outside belonging system, which has a token economy in lieu of dice and focuses on personal stories and fraught relationships that can range from slice of life to dramatic and poetic.

The Riot Starts is a game of revolution in the underworld; of community, rebellion, and hope. It uses an original dice mechanic with collective dice pools and focuses on the push and pull between vulnerability and isolation.

Includes the following games:

a GMless tragedy about flawed Greek gods struggling with mortality down in the dust
a gmless rpg about revolution and community in the capitalist hell of the underworld.