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Colludium One - small press RPGs

A bundle hosted by Marx of High Water with content from 15 creators.
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Colludium One is a bundle of 15 roleplaying, story and live-action roleplaying games of every genre. Each is created by a small press publisher with a passion for game design.

No Love’s Land

Robot girlfriends across the battle-line

YOU WERE DESIGNED FOR WAR ... YOU HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE ... YOU ARE ON OPPOSITE SIDES In this 2-player LARP, you play a killer robot stationed on the moon of Ahava, covered in a dense radiation field. The only way you have to get a message to your secret girlfriend and fellow killer robot is to send them a message inscribed in a missile. You physically launch the messages across the room at one another! As more and more notes get passed, you are able to begin to overcome your subroutines which would have forced your mutual destruction. The game ends when you embrace, because LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

Adira Slattery is a game designer and zinester. She lives in Chicagoland with her spouse and two amazing cats. Adira has often been featured on the One Shot Network, including as a cast member on Season 2 of A Woman with Hollow Eyes. She runs, writes, and plays live action role playing games throughout the Chicago area. Adira often weaves her own queer and Jewish experiences into her games and zines, which can be downloaded from

Beta Maxx X Quickstart

Beta Maxx X is a Space Opera/Space Fantasy high action game that leans hard into its Sci-Fi, Action Movie and Fix-It Team Tropes. Using a new system (Beta Maxx) that is designed to allow lots of player flexibility to solve challenges, but with enough structure that players are feeling like they are being presented with a form of theater-sports RPG.

Halfling Caravan Games is a small independent publisher doing tabletop role play game design, adventure modules, card games, and some Virtual Tabletop supplements. We developed the Beta Maxx system and its Cartridges: Beta Maxx X, Beta Maxxthulhu, and Beta Maxx Death. Based in Sydney, it is almost a one-man-band with Andrew doing design, writing, editing, layout design, and some art for many of the projects while roping in the art skills of Sara Avery, Vanderforge, Ashley Cavendish, Samantha Darcy, Elizabeth Peiro, and George Cotronis. The "Weird Tales of..." series of zines are cooperative projects where writers and artists split the revenue made from sales.


A GM-less story game that leans as much on collaborative world-building as competitive card-play

A GM-less, problem-focused game where players build the world and their characters through in-game conflict resolution. Loose genre cues help you face down trolls, fight off tyrants, or flee from titans, but players are free to build any world they desire. You can even play an entire, dramatic campaign without any combat if you want. Tensions within the crew of characters can be as dangerous as battles and heists, and no crew is safe from cracking at the seams. Kingpink uses ordinary playing cards with no dice needed.

Calvin Johns helms Anthropos Games, where he gets to design tabletop and live-action games that toy with player agency and boast silly academic conceits. Deep down inside, he wishes JRPGs didn't give him FOMO. Calvin lights up a mean freestyle Frisbee.

You’ll Never Believe It

A co-operative storytelling microgame revolving around a unique texting mechanic

You’ll Never Believe It is an “augmented reality” cooperative storytelling micro-game that requires little more than texting back and forth with a friend or other roleplaying partner. It involves taking events or locations you come across in real life, and letting your imagination go wild. What’s really behind that door you’ve never seen anyone touch in the coffee shop? What happens in that untended graveyard you’ve never seen anyone anywhere near? What was that sound you heard when you were walking home last night? Talk it over with a friend, and maybe they can help you figure it all out...

Chris Falco has just recently started in the Tabletop RPG sphere, and has written for the San Jenaro Co-op in addition to his solo work for Falconian Productions (having recently released Eldritch Care Unit). He's also a part time programmer and Twitch streamer, and spends a lot of time gaming in both analog and digital form.


Fight for Your Right to Spellcast

In this dystopian fantasy game, play freedom fighting spell casters who make magic out of the lessons they’ve learned. Can you and your friends save Gyraxia from the evil grip of GAMi (the Gyraxian Association of Magi)?

Christopher W. Reynolds founded NinjaHELL! Productions back in 2007. He makes with the laughs, then cries when he has to edit content for release. Recently, he’s published two other games [“ERAUGH! (A Game Of Political Mudslinging)” and “Scratch’s Sc0re”] under the NinjaHELL! name. Check out to find out more!

Die Laughing

The game that puts the laughter back in slaughter.

Die Laughing is a short-play, GM-less tabletop roleplaying game where players portray characters in a horror-comedy movie. Everyone's going to die. It's just a matter of when and how funny you can make it. When your character is gone, you become a producer on the movie and continue to influence the story.

Craig Campbell is an indie RPG designer and the owner of NerdBurger Games. He is the designer of the award-winning CAPERS RPG, as well as Die Laughing and Murders & Acquisitions. Craig has been playing RPGs for nearly thirty years and has freelanced for games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Iron Kingdoms, Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse, Pip System, and Never Going Home. As the secretary of the Indie Game Developer Network, Craig seeks to encourage and mentor new, diverse design voices. He is a staunch believer that there is no such thing as "too many games."

Save the Universe

A sci-fi adventure roleplaying game in which the players create their own great galactic menace and then portray the brave heroes battling against it.

Tyranny and cruelty have spread across the galaxy, and only you can stop it! When you play Save the Universe, you and your fellow players will create a unique setting and a band of heroes, and then jump into the action with simple, story-focused rules that reduce prep time and reward players for pursuing their personal dramas. Charge your blaster. Board your starship. Set your course. Save the Universe!

Don Bisdorf is a writer, game designer, and software developer. He lives in Michigan with his patient and understanding wife, his two dogs, and too many computers.

Owlbear Omelette

A dungeon quest for the greatest omelette ever tasted!

How would you fare, as a sneaky Goblin sneak sneaking into the Goblin King’s dungeon? The goal? To filch an Owlbear egg for omelette making purposes! The why? It could be the moonshine, it could be the endless pasty gruel, it could be a sense of pressing social inequality that comes from not being a Goblin King chowing down on Owlbear Omelettes every other morning! Whatever the reason, here you are, the only way forward is forward! And the only thing left to do is get an Owlbear egg! Oh! And get out alive! Garrr! Owlbear Omelette is the latest micro-rpg from Caradoc Games. It can be played theatre of the mind, or as an OSR style grid-based dungeon bash.

Giles Pritchard is a freelance writer and game developer. He has worked on games like the Halo: Fleet Battles from Spartan Games, the Star Trek Adventures and Infinity RPGs from Modiphius, and many others. His company, Caradoc Games makes small press role-playing games with an emphasis on story. Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, sometimes fantasy, sometimes science fiction, and sometimes something completely different.


A Cryptid Survival Role Playing Game

LOVELAND is an exploration and survival based OSR style RPG. Hundreds of years after climate change killed humanity, the cryptids inherited the Earth. You take on the role of a Frogfolk and member of the Gatherer's Guild of Loveland. Venture out into the wetlands to discover ancient tech and meet other cryptid societies.

Jonathan Dersch is a game designer based in Columbus, Ohio.

MELWAFF - My Exciting Life with a Fantasy Foreigner!

A heartwarming, humorous tabletop storygame where fantasy collides with normalcy

Winner of the Okashicon x NinjaHELL! Productions Anime RPG Design Contest,MELWAFF: My Exciting Life With a Fantasy Foreigner is a tabletop storytelling RPG dramedy where everyday people meet fantasy folk and anime-styled hijinks result. Play an Earth native, a fantasy "newcomer", or a M.I.B. agent and tell a story of what happens when the magical and bombastic meets the modern world. Seek your dreams either mystical or mundane, as your friends join in with shenanigans. Enjoy legitimate surprise mechanics as the "Fate Deck" introduces new twists and hopes throughout every episode of play!

Julian "ARBCo" Kuleck is in charge of Lore Development for Level 99 Games, overseeing the development of the Indines fantasy setting as seen in games like BattleCON and Pixel Tactics with a big, goofy smile. As the "Doomguard guy", he previously worked as a writer and designer for the two-time Ennie Award-winning team. Previously, he wrote cutting but crude criticism about games that probably deserve better. In his spare time, he runs games about how the world is doomed, but it's not the doom that matters—it's the friends you make along the way.

Across the Waves to You

The time has come again for you, a Merfolk, to brave the wild ocean and reunite with your landwalker love

You are a Merfolk, and in a tale as tragic as the ocean is blue, you have fallen for a landwalker. The time now approaches when you can meet again, though the journey will be difficult for both of you. What must you do to make it to your love, and how will they react when you reach them?

For a long time Logan thought he would be a writer, probably of novels of some sort of fantasy and heroism, but something seemed missing. Years later, he found the unpredictability, community and pure magic of storytelling through tabletop games and fell in love. He first started playing, then running, and now designing his own games and is enjoying every second. 

Orizuru: a half-formed thing

A solo origami story game about transforming into a beautiful bird

Orizuru is a single-player tabletop story game about transforming into a beautiful bird. You'll play a character who undertakes some kind of transformational quest to take themselves from who they are now, to becoming something new. You'll take a square piece of paper, write on it, fold it and reflect on the result.

Marcus Shepherd of Blue Golem Games writes tabletop roleplaying games: story games, supplements, hacks and full systems. He is unashamedly narrativist and leans heavily towards exploring social themes through roleplaying.


A game about ancient undead warriors trying to make it as a rock and roll band

Through some terrible black magic, the evil sorceress Azita has resurrected several ancient Mesopotamian warlords to serve as generals of her undead army, leading her conquest of the modern world. Instead, you started a rock band. Now you’re driving across the country trying to break into showbiz, one gig at a time.  You do not understand this strange new world, with its technological wonders and modern customs. But you have a set of used musical instruments, an Econoline van and a desire to rock your way to music stardom.

Nick Wedig lives in Pittsburgh, PA, in the United States. He spends most of his time thinking about games or making games, particularly short, unconventional roleplaying games.

GM’s Night Out

GM a player-less game and have fun doing it!

Explore what makes an RPG an RPG with GMs' Night Out.  Roleplay interactions between characters you control with fellow GMs, coordinate narrative impetus by leveraging the meta, and refine the back-and-forth of great roleplaying.  Take a break from herding PCs and hone your skills at the same time! Sometimes, the GMs just need a night out.

Sam Gundaker has been roleplaying in some form for most of her life and loves the powerful validation and creative empowerment it brings as an art form. She's most interested in exploring what it means to roleplay and help other creators push the boundaries of the medium while also subverting preconceived notions about genre, tone, and audience.  When not writing really weird metagames like GMs' Night Out, Sam likes to dabble in historic lore, occult fantasy, and global myths.

The Tin Star

A unique single player roleplaying game set in the Old West.

The Tin Star is a unique single player roleplaying game. With just a pack of cards and these rules, a player will reveal a dark, gritty tale of a Sheriff, an Outlaw and the town caught between the two of them. Options are also included for multiplayer games.

Tin Star Games is an Australian company run by Steve Dee. They produce tabletop roleplaying games, card games and parlour games such as Daughters of Exile, Baby Dragon Bedtime and Elon Musk's Ipod Submarine. Their flagship RPG, Relics: A Game of Angels, will be be released in December 2019.

Includes the following items:

At $40.00 or above

Through black magic, you were resurrected to conquer the world. Instead, you started a rock band.
A storytelling game of the Old West for one player.
A sci-fi adventure RPG.
The horror-comedy RPG that puts the laughter in slaughter.
robot girlfriends across the battefield
A solo origami game about transforming into a beautiful bird
Cryptid Survival Role Playing Game
A Quick Start Pack to introduce the Beta Maxx X game
GM a Player-less Game and Have Fun Doing it!
The time has come again for you, a Merfolk, to brave the wild ocean and reuinte with your landwalker love.
Owlbear Omelette: A dungeon quest to unlock the greatest omelette ever tasted!
A heartwarming, humorous tabletop storygame where fantasy collides with normalcy.
A GM-less story game that leans as much on collaborative world-building as strategic card-play