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The Commodore 64 Christmas Bundle

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Psytronik Software, RGCD, and Thalamus Digital Publishing have joined forces to bring you the ultimate Christmas bundle: three classic sci-fi action games for the Commodore 64 for just $9.99*.


Organism is an immersive sci-fi arcade action adventure game from Trevor Storey and Achim Volkers, with music by Saul Cross. Explore the decks of the doomed transport ship Heracles and try to find a means of escape by finding pass-keys, data disks and terminals that will give you access to other areas on the ship. Be wary of crew-members that may have been infected by something that is lurking on the ship... something that you must evade or destroy at all costs!


Key Features:

  • Detailed hi-res graphics
  • Huge multi-deck ship to explore
  • Atmospheric music
  • Immersive movie-style story
  • Intro & end sequences
  • Terminal hacking sub-game
  • SD2IEC compatible
  • PAL and NTSC compatible


Moonspire is a sprawling flip-screen exploratory sci-fi shmup developed by Dušan Milivojevic with audio by Ari "agemixer" Yliaho. After the Draxx onslaught on Arcturus 7, the remaining colonists began to strategize a retaliation, but it was too late: the Draxx had retreated to the far side of the planet's only moon, taking with them the control orbs from the thermal-boosters and reverting the planet back to an inhabitable and desolate ice world. Your mission is simple: infiltrate the Draxx Moonspire, cause as much devastation as possible and reclaim the stolen orbs. YOU are mankind's only hope!


Key Features:

  • A classic old-school mix of exploratory and shmup arcade action
  • Futuristic low-res 16-colour graphics
  • An awesome SID-rocking acid soundtrack
  • Six levels comprised of 264 screens
  • Three weapon types with separate ammo counters
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Keyboard-only and joystick control systems
  • Full PAL & NTSC compatibility


Hunter’s Moon Remastered is a fully remastered and updated version of the seminal C64 shoot ‘em up, created by Martin Walker with music by Matt Gray. After flying your trusty ship Hunter too close to a black hole, you find yourself lost in space on the wrong side of the galaxy, surrounded by sprawling, hive-like cities. At the core of each city lie mysterious alien Starcells – these contain valuable navigational data and must be collected to plot a course back home. Do you have the dexterity, precision timing and psychopathic blasting skills to find your way home to Hunter's Moon...?

Hunter's Moon Remastered

Key Features:

  • Over 180 levels spread across 21 Star Systems
  • New level types including Jumpgates and Blackouts
  • Trainer Version designed for novice players
  • All-new Random Mode to test seasoned veterans
  • Save your game progress direct to the cartridge
  • Stunning new intro & outro sequences
  • New in-game music and enhanced parallax starfield
  • Built-in Level Editor to craft your own cunning creations
  • Multi-language support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Bonus: Original 1987 version also included on the cartridge
  • Full PAL & NTSC compatibility (Remastered Version only)

ORGANISM ©2018 Psytronik Software


HUNTER'S MOON REMASTERED ©2018 Thalamus Digital Publishing

* USD. Additional fees & taxes may apply.

Includes the following items:

A sprawling flip-screen exploratory sci-fi shmup developed for the 1983 Commodore 64 home computer!
An immersive sci-fi arcade action adventure game for the Commodore 64
The official 30th anniversary remastered edition of the classic C64 shoot 'em up.