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Tags Selects Halloween Bundle

A bundle hosted by Verified Account with content from Andrew Gleeson, BenCrooks, Kitfox Games, Spooky Doorway, Team D-13
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This bundle ended 2018-11-01T17:00:00Z.

Fall in love with a bundle of tricks and treats! The Selects Halloween Bundle collects a cornucopia of fun and frights for one low price.

For $11 you get the following:

The Shrouded Isle

The thing about sacrificing people to the old gods that nobody ever talks about is just how much management it takes. Sometimes people don’t feel like getting sacrificed today. Other times their families need them to help out around the house. Shrouded Isle takes the concept of people management and marries it beautifully to maintaining a sacrificial flock for the old gods. Who will you sacrifice? Can you survive long enough to see your gods brought back?

Darkside Detective

What’s better than a Halloween Mystery? Uncover a secret world with your detective friends, an protect Twin Lakes city from an increasingly wacky paranormal threat. Darkside Detective fuses jokes and point and click mechanics perfectly, so get ready to get your laugh on this Halloween.


If your Halloween plans involve dressing up as a spaceship, Monolith is for you. This twin-stick shooter combines the pixel-perfect dodging of shmups and marries it to the best of roguelike design for a clean and addictive experience. Also there’s a cat that loves to gossip, and that’s just perfect.

Helping Hand

What’s scarier than breaking every bone in your body save for one arm? Helping Hand aims to find out by limiting your interaction with the world to four fingers and a thumb. Experience the terror of imperfect communication and the comedy of dealing with cults, gangs, and gods with nothing but your hand.


Witchway takes the aesthetics of Halloween and cranks it up to the max. Take on this witchy platformer with your bunny friends and test your puzzle solving abilities in a dark, adorable dungeon. Grab your wand and put a rabbit in your hat in Witchway.

Includes the following items:

At $11.00 or above

A cute adventure full of puzzles!
doomsday cult management
Fight your way through the ruins of an ancient facility.
A paranormal comedy point and click adventure!