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Fight Like A Femme! Charity Fundraiser Bundle

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In honor of Women's Month and Women's Equality Day, the Fight Like A Femme Charity Fundraiser Bundle highlights TTRPGs by kickass femme creators and/or games featuring femme protagonists and stories! All funds benefit Diversity Saves (, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that directly funds and platforms marginalized TTRPG creators through financial grants, workshops, and community outreach.

Includes the following items:

At $5.00 or above

A solo journaling game about a witch finding a home.
A pre-written one shot adventure for Suited: RPG created using the Fight the Zombiearchy Playset.
A solo RPG for anyone that wants to show appreciation but is bad about remembering or having ideas on what to do
A TTRPG about building your community, remaining happy, & making the world a better place one wacky adventure at a time
Build a world. Create life. Make myths. A two-person Caltrop Core game about demigods fleeing disaster.
You were made to be perfect. A solo journaling game about bearing the weight of unrealistic expectations.
Rebuild after the tornado with your feathered friends, bringing happiness and stories back to your favorite human!
“Correcting the past, improving the future.” - Ret-Chron
Convince the Hero of Legend they need YOUR Legendary Item and why!
Be gay and do crimes on the high seas!
The question isn't which of us will die, but how.
a bookmark RPG about what remains after disaster and time have taken everything else
A solo journeying game for character creation
A TTRPG about gulls, hunger, and rage.
A Pride-fully Friendly Food Fight for 2-10
A game zine to help motivate you toward your goals
Something sinister creeps through the streets of Japantown. Can you unravel the mystery before it's too late?
A Guide to Adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood
A Mob Psycho 100-inspired Lasers & Feelings hack.