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Games You Can MAKE

A bundle hosted by Aaron Goss with content from 25 creators.
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Time To Get Creative!

This bundle contains over $120 worth of content, from games to asset packs, to SRDs, to print-and-plays. And all of them are either built on, use, or covered by open and CC licenses!

What Are CC Licenses?

When you create something, anything, from a photograph, to a song, to a drawing, to a film, to a story, to a game... you automatically own an all-rights-reserved copyright to that creativity. Copyright protects your creativity against uses you don't consent to.

But sometimes, full copyright is too restrictive. What about when you want all those people out there to use your work, without the hassle of coming to you for permission? What if you want your work to be freely shared, reused, and built upon by the rest of the world? That's where Creative Commons (CC) come in! CC licenses allow you to tell people exactly which parts of your copyright you are happy to give to the public. You don't give up your copyright, you refine it so it works better for you! (Extract from Wanna Work Together? video by Creative Commons, used under CC BY.)

Open licenses are similar to CC licenses in that they allow creators to grant permission for anyone to make use of that work as long as they follow the conditions of the license.


...why not pick up your crafting scissors and make some games? 馃ぉ

Special Mentions

There were a few more designers who wished to share their work but they simply couldn't fit into the bundle, but they are definitely worth a mention. So, be sure to check these out too!

  • Perigrine SRD by Eliot Silvarian: "Perigrine is a game system for card-based solo journaling games about wandering, traveling, and looking for a place of home and belonging." - Eliot Sylvarian
  • Free TTRPG Mechanics by TheGiftOfGabes: "This is a set of mechanics for playing or creating a role-playing game." - TheGiftOfGabes
  • Alone Together In This Vast Space by Junk Food Games. "Alone Together In This Vast Space is a 2-player one-page ttrpg meant to be played in a single session.  It is about a lone passenger aboard a spaceship whose only company is the ship's AI. Using music, you will find out what you want to do on this interstellar journey, face threats, and connect more with the only other being with you." - Junk Food Games
  • Untold Narrative Options SRD by theinstagrahame: "Untold Narrative Options is a mechanic pack containing combat and skill check mechanics for Role-Playing Games (RPGs) using a set of hobby dice and a standard Uno card deck." - theinstagrahame

Includes the following items:

At $25.00 or above

Thoughts on Safety, Solidarity, and Integrity in Analog Games
The bark of your heart is bleeding. Torn apart from the roots of the past. The story is written within the wood.
More than 14k hexagonal tiles and assets for map and game design.
You make your way through this unknown underground system.
Affinity Publisher + A. InDesign (one-page micro-TTRPG template)
[EN/FR] ebook creation guide: from textfile to epub
an advanced and accessible analog games typeface!
A pocket-sized map-making tool.
A System Reference Document dedicated for hackers and game designers, in order to create game by Following the LEADS.
A pocket-sized "No Dice, No Masters" roleplaying game system.
A game that examines gratitude through the lens of body horror.
solarpunk 24xx/BitD sci-fantasy w/ procedural starter dungeon
Join your tiny faerie friends in a shared dream-world.
Gloomy jazz age struggles against cosmic horror. Mork Borg hack.
A toolkit for Gratitude: A Horror Game. Make your own factions, powers, quests, and more!
A pack of 50 traditionally hand-drawn Fantasy NPCs, for your home game or TTRPG project.
A 3d6 TTRPG system that includes templates and logo.
A game of horticultural problem-solving and gnomish magic.
Will you collect all the ingredients to make a magic brew before the other apprentices do?
Free SRD of the RPG Two Summers / DRS gratuit du JdR Deux 脡t茅s
A Push-powered fantasy adventure game
A solo caf茅 sim game. "You may not always get what you want, but you'll always get what you need."
A Four Points RPG about Goblins learning Magic!
an HTML template for analog games
The Throwdown for Sweet, Sweet Victory is ON!
A oozingly disgusting rpg about ever-changing mutants in a sewer world known as the Undermuck.
A pack of over 200 digital assets for building your own RPG hex map tiles.
A 1 sheet minimalist cypher system hack
A cootie-catcher system built for solo-journaling games.
Evolution turned Revolution
Cyberpunk Roguelike TTRPG
Build and explore communities and their places
A modular, versatile ruleset.
Postcolonial mapmaking game where everyone has a secret
Evolution in game design
A 12-word RPG for 1 player about getting what's up above.
A pack of digital assets for building your own TTRPG character sheet.