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Huetopia Harvest Bundle (Creator Day #2)

A bundle hosted by Huetopia with content from 22 creators.
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Buy 25 items for $25 Regularly $150.93 Save 83%!
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This bundle ended 2022-11-29T05:00:00Z.

Creator Day is Friday, Nov 25th and is a great opportunity to get extra funds to your favorite creators!   All creators here are BIPOC, holding many hats to fulfill their dreams. As Caretakers, it’s vital to us that we step up to support these folks wherever we can. Huetopia is a space that strives to uplift BIPOC creators of all styles in the tabletop industry, including providing tools & resources to make the games, shows, art, and stories we wish to see in this world.

We’re offering this bundle of 25 contributions at a single tier of $25 this time due to bandwidth of organization and the desire to get people paid this season.  

We have a lofty starting goal of $1200, which would ensure every share of this pie is $50, enough to get a nice meal or help with a bill. 

Includes the following items:

At $25.00 or above

a game about entwined heroes with conflicting personalities evening each other out amidst intrigue
a comedy RPG for 2 GMs and 1 player
A Lasers & Feelings hack about being vampire flatmates
a game about winning immortal love
Dracula Owes You Money, and you're going to get it back.
A solo game played while you take a walk. Kick a rock and tell your story!
A game where you explore your neurodivergent vampiric lives through the Blink, discovering your joy & healing.
Narrative detective game about trying to obtain redemption.
You are a Spellblade, and the power you wield will be your demise.
A GM-less journey into memories, grief, and recovery.
A game to help with creativity block
The Bachelor, if the bachelor were a warlock
A game about healing from an eating disorder
Two vampire hunters try to save their love (a vampire) from an overwhelming Hunger
an OSR inspired debt-delver
The truth is this: They will emerge from their Well and judge humanity for what we've done. We have 31 days.
Role Playing
Everybody Loves You with this Powered By Lesbians playbook
A Witchy One-Page RPG Anthology
Fall In Love With Your Friends. Embrace Your Monstrosity.
A game about exploring human conflict through the backdrop of an apocalypse, and inspired by The Last of Us series.
Will you overcome every obstacle in your path or will you drop the ball just when it counts? Find out in Sports are Gay!
Vie for Dracula’s favour or become dinner