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Ind of the Year 2022

A bundle hosted by Seamus Conneely with content from 50 creators.
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This bundle ended 2023-01-01T04:59:59Z.

Another year, another bundle of games from indie tabletop game creators! 

New Year's is once again bearing down upon us, which makes it a great time to see what creators got up to in 2022. Ind of the Year returns for its third year so that it can give you a wildly varied selection of games from a diverse group of designers that will offer enough hours of time at the table to last you through the year ahead.

Five tiers to fit your budget with ten games each and increasing savings - once you get to the top you're getting more than four hundred dollars worth for fifty, a discount of more than 80%.

Media Coverage: Sam Leigh - Geek Native

Special thanks to Co-Host Armanda, Matteo for the bundle's image, and to Filip for passing us the torch this year.

Includes the following items:

At $50.00 or above

Kickflip Over a Quantum Centipede
Grunge Industrial Fantasy TTRPG
Action-Horror pamphlet rpg for one-shot sessions
The Slice of Life Quantum Camping TTRPG
The dragon is dead. The adventurers are gone. Time to organize.
A simple ruled OSR RPG system
Role Playing
A game of dark fantasy and bloody combat
A breathless game.

At $40.00 or above

A tabletop story game for one or two players about temporary hearing loss
Play as agents of a Tower against the Apocalypse.
A worldbuilding tabletop rpg exploring the imprecision of maps
Elden Ring inspired Mini TTRPG of killing gods and burning the world
The real workers of the Magi Circle
A Breathless game about venturing into The Zone.
A Breathless Game Of A Fleet On The Run (Itchfunding)
Heroic action in the age of Greek mythology
Role Playing
a cozy solo journaling TTRPG

At $30.00 or above

Who you gonna call?
A game of sacrifice and redemption.
inimalist XB hack
Musketeers secret agents in a France ruled by a tyrannic immortal head
An RPG about Dinosaurs who protect the Galaxy from Evil Forces
a 2-4 player RPG about the beauty of moving on
A cozy solo journaling RPG about a little witch failing forward in a big forest.
Find "ghosts" & screw around with friends
A Caltrop Core Game of Goblins and Their Trinkets

At $20.00 or above

A game inspired by the first editions of 3D&T / Um jogo inspirado pelas primeiras edições de 3D&T
Hybrid dungeon crawler boardgame/ttrpg for 1-5 players
A Weird adventure for World of Dungeons
A rules-light TTRPG about good-natured art heisting in the 90s.
A 2-Player Game About Being Trapped In A 1950s Educational Short
A High-Acton Zombie Splatter RPG, illuminated by Lumen
In which young witches get into immense trouble every single day of their lives.
A journaling game of hunting monster hunters in rural Victorian Britain
A fantasy TTRPG in cold lands.
Role Playing
Un juego de diaro sobre piratas malditos. | A journal game about cursed pirates.

At $10.00 or above

A GM-less Role-Playing Game for 1-6 Players
A game about finding your way home.
A No Dice No Masters fantasy court intrigue game
A 2d7 game of survival, hope, and apocalypse, using more or less the same system as KALIWANAGAN. For 1 or more players.
a 2-player For The Queen hack about love and addiction
Pastoral Life and Love in the Heartland
A rules-light, grimdark science fantasy, RPG
a game about oral histories
A advanced adventure for Death in Space.
A Solo TTRPG about rebuilding yourself