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Queer Halloween Stories 2022

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This bundle ended 2022-11-02T03:59:59Z.

It's the magical month of Halloween, baby!

It's time to let the skeletons out of the closet in all of their gay glory and tell a few horror stories around the campfire. In the mood for something lighthearted, heart-warming, heart-wrenching, or downright scary? No tricks here: this bundle of indie games will treat you to little bit of everything, and your purchase directly supports 14 queer indie developers telling these kinds of stories you won't find anywhere else.

Please heed the content warnings on each game, as certain titles may deal with sensitive subject matter or triggering content.

An Outcry by Quinn K.Sudden Loud Noises, Flashing Images, Suicide, Abuse, Recreational Drug Use, Blood, Gore, Transphobia, Animal Death
Distortion Nation by TangledVirusMentions of Abuse, Body Horror, Player Death, Medical Transphobia
Do I Pass? by Taylor McCueTransphobia, Misgendering, Dissociation
Exile by HexraeDysphoria, Body Horror
The Life We’ve Chosen by CryoslightDepression, Demons, Discussions of Death, References to Past Self-Harm, Unhealthy relationships & possibly unwanted romantic
Lotus: The Self-Made Witch by tofurocksMentions of Abuse, Suicidal Ideation, & Depression
The Morning Star by Star☆CadetsMentions of Suicidal Ideation, Depression, Demonic Rituals
Nameless: The Departed Cycle by Fiendish FictionPhysical Violence, Suggestive Scenes, Visual & Written Gore, Possible Player Death/Major Character Death
This Life Escapes Me by Coda BluePlayer Death, Written Gore, Fictional Cults, Dark Magic
To The Wolves by Spider Lily StudiosPhysical Violence, Blood, Gore, Cannibalism, Player Death, Demonic Rituals
Vivamus in Fabula by NightAsobuBody Horror
Were|House by Sad Ghost StudiosN/A
Yurivania Series by MxAshlynnViolence, Implied Violence, Implied Sexual Activity
ZAGS: The Role We Play by bobcgamesCartoon Violence, Homophobia, Suggestive Outfits/Nudity

Notes: ZAGS: The Role We Play is a pre-order with a free demo. By purchasing this bundle, you will reserve your copy of the game upon release.


All bundle participants who opted in to receive a split of the funds start earning money from every purchase at the start of the sale. This will help them break even on the costs of development or fund future titles. A 3% cut of the proceeds will be taken by the host to recoup fees associated with the organization and promotion of the bundle, which has been factored into in our initial goal of $2740, or 137 bundles sold at the minimum price.

In the interest of transparency, below is the percentage breakdown of the split:

Non-commercial opt-out developers — 0%
Commercial opt-out developers — 1%
All other non-host participants — 8%
tofurocks (developer) — 8%
tofurocks (organizing, promotion) — 3%


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Includes the following items:

At $20.00 or above

Offered up as sacrifice to the wolf-gods of the forest, hunted by beasts and man alike, Ella must find a way to survive.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Do you Pass?
Visual Novel
Play in browser
You are hurt, hang out with a necromancer, cuddle a moth girl.
Visual Novel
Raised from the dead one last time.
Visual Novel
What if the monsters in the haunted house weren’t just wearing a costume...?
Visual Novel
of loneliness at the ocean floor
Visual Novel
Play in browser
What does a gorgon bring on her second date?
Play in browser
Alec wakes up alone at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere; except he soon finds he's not as alone as he thought.
Visual Novel
Monstergirls help out some lost ghosts~~
Play in browser
Your quiet conversations with the aging demon have become alarmingly normal. Is it time to finally tell someone..?
Visual Novel
Vampire girlfriend houses her community~~
Play in browser
Harass your neighbours. Debate with birds. Smoke to survive.
Role Playing
Brew gender potions & graduate together(?) with your bestie(?)
Visual Novel
A cursed guitarist tells you his last story
Visual Novel
Face and (literally) fight your fears in this Halloween-themed ATB-system combat-focused turn-based RPG
Role Playing
Follow the red star to the Umbral Forest and unravel the mysteries within.
Visual Novel