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Bethie's Extraordinary Bundle

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Music is awesome, and so are games! But hmmmmm... If only you could combine the two! (Shhhhh listening to music while gaming doesn't count! I mean, it's great, but don't ruin my lead-in!)

Introducing Bethie's Extraordinary Bundle! Each of the games in this bundle came from the Bethie's Extraordinary Playlist Jam, which means they're all based on a song, band, album, or music in general. So go ahead: hit play on your favorite music, hit "buy" on the bundle, download a bunch of fantastic games, and enjoy!

Note: all purchases are split evenly amongst everyone who created a game for the bundle, so you're supporting numerous indie creators with your purchase :D

Includes the following items:

At $10.00 or above

An introspective single player game in the form of a buisness
A storytelling and roleplaying game about walking down memory lane using music
A solo café sim game. "You may not always get what you want, but you'll always get what you need."
What can this strange device be?
Use GIFs to guess the song titles before the Devil steals your soul!
For all problems, the answer is Tea.
The Starbringer fell asleep. You take the train to wake them up.
A 2-player ttrpg about space and music
Fast and hilarious Burger shoppe Cooperative simulator
​Put together the members of the iconic rock group Queen, get record deals and get to Wembly Stadium!
Apocalyptic Breathless roleplaying with supernatural elements
A Shifting Memory card game (Inspired by a song)
a flexible character creation tool insp. by music!
Outspend your opponents and show off your massive amount of STUFF!
Make doing the dishes, waiting in line, or making toast sound like the BEST THING EVER!
Your newest excuse to roll a bunch of dice!