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CosmOS 9

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This bundle ended 2022-05-26T15:00:00Z.

BREAKING NEWS! A mysterious, alien video game console was found drifting through outer space, containing 9 puzzle games, which has been ported to human computers to share the discovery with our species.

  • 9 thought-provoking games made by different creators.
  • An interstellar tour of the puzzle genre: line drawing, platforming, symbol deciphering, alien gardening (???), and much more!
  • Short experiences varying from 30-90 minutes each.
  • Inviting difficulty curves and friendly challenges for newcomers.
  • Loads of sci-fi.

This bundle has a special 55% of discount to celebrate it's landing on human computers, but it will be available with a 50% forever after May 26.

Includes the following games:

At $13.91 or above

Alien spaceship simulator
Slap triangular tiles down in this cause and effect, chain reactive, radically funky puzzle experience.
Solve puzzles embedded in rocks and crystals as you explore an alien asteroid.
In this cosmic puzzle adventure, help a lost tribe of duck-people in their millennial quest for a stable world!
A minimalist city builder where only profits matter.
tend to flora and fauna on a puzzling space station in this short n' weird game
Listen to radio waves, uncover endings, be the watcher.
Cook up different solutions to elemental puzzles as you make deliveries on a strange planet.
A short puzzle platformer set on an alien planet.