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Mutual Aid Bundle for Petunia's Vet Fees

A bundle hosted by Rue (ilananight) with content from 19 creators.
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This bundle ended 2022-06-15T07:00:00Z.

My fiance Persy (@LiquidRina) has a beloved little service dog- Petunia Sephiroth. She's a beloved member of our family- and also very important to Persy's health and comfort.

Recently, Petunia has had a series of medical complications, culminating in an intensive surgery this past Tuesday (May 10). This comes after months of doctor's appointments, X-Rays, blood tests, and other follow-up checks and appointments. 

Vet bills are no joke in terms of price, and over the past few months, Petunia's bills have totaled up thousands of dollars, which have put a real strain on Persy's finances and added extra stress to zir plate. 

I'm organizing this bundle to help Persy recoup some of those costs, so they can take the time he needs to help Petunia recover and not worry about financial repercussions.

My undying gratitude to my fellow designers who have contributed their games to this bundle, and to anyone who purchases this bundle to help fund Petunia's vet costs.

You can also donate directly to Petunia's GoFundMe if you have the means available.

Includes the following items:

At $10.00 or above

As the living shadow of a young kid, you must protect them from the dangers of kinder! What if there's a huge spider?!
A Mystery Adventure RPG Played Over Mail
Suplex the unseen. TTRPG.
Life in Simple Moments
A Game About An Object That Only Exists In Your Mind
A lasers and feelings hack about protecting your high school from spooky
A Tarot-based RPG for Two Players
A gm-less, diceless hot mess for 3-4 players to live out your best vampire sitcom life
A game of wandering the wasteland and building connections
A One-Shot Horror TTRPG in the Middle of Nowhere
You are an alternate version of yourself. You have ADHD.
You are a crow, taking flight from your nest, eager to explore the world and find a new home.
The suave and dastartly villain known as Earl Grey has struck again! Can you stop him?
a chaotic micro RPG where you act out of character
Who will you be and how will you influence the world around you?
a game about oral histories
A strangled gasp of a nightmare about a Work that can never be finished
An encounter for Heartbeats in Perfect Sync
Wee Bairn is a supplement for adding pets to Cairn for fun and companionship.