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galactic 2e supplement bundle for star wars day!

A bundle hosted by riley rethal Verified Account with content from 22 creators.
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This bundle ended 2022-06-01T04:00:00Z.

one year ago, in a galaxy pretty close to home, galactic 2e was published. since then, it’s accrued a whole bunch of amazing supplemental content from a variety of designers.

and now, to celebrate its anniversary, we bring you a bundle of that content! this bundle gets you a whole bunch of new and exciting ways to play g2e for a great deal. 

and if you don’t have the base game yet, you can get it here; it’s also on sale for the month of may: 

Includes the following items:

At $25.00 or above

a galactic playbook for the unwanted
A warrior bound by code and clan
A pair of Galactic 2E playbooks
Galactic 2E playbooks
A playbook for Riley Rethal's Galactic 2e
A card-driven supplement for focusing on ships in Galactic 2E
Haunted by their past, the survivor runs because they're not sure what else to do. For Riley Rethal's Galactic 2E
a playbook for riley rethal's galactic.
A Galactic 2E playbook for morally ambiguous academics
An anti-hero playbook for the galactic universe
A Galactic 2e supplement of corporate conspiracy and existential threats
an expansion for galactic 2e for cyberpunk stories
a ttrpg about cynicism & hope, democracy & decisiveness, survival & sacrifice
A Galactic 2E playbook for playing a clone, a droid, or a reformed stormtrooper.
Contains the iconoclast playbook, new locations, a new pillar, and path for use with Galactic 2e
A Role and Pillar about running from your secret, violent past, and eventually facing it, for Galactic 2e
A galactic 2e playbook for scheming and power
a droid-focused expansion for Galactic 2e [free copies always available]
Un jeu sur la rébellion, les liens et les guerres spatiales.
a galactic 2e supplement