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The Ultimate Charge Bundle

A bundle hosted by Fari RPGs (René-Pier Deshaies) with content from 15 creators.
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This bundle ended 2022-05-18T04:00:00Z.

This is the Ultimate Charge Bundle ⚡

A bundle that contains all the released games and extras that are Powered by Charge to this date!

Most of the games/extras inside this bundle were designed as part of the Charge Creation Jam which recently just ended.

You can get all the games in this bundle for only $20, and support spectacular indie creators from the community!

Includes the following items:

At $20.00 or above

The Free, Open and Generic Role-Playing Game to Power Your Storytelling
Hopepunk Sci-Fi TTRPG Powered by Charge
An SRD to make action packed RPGs with forward momentum.
A Holiday Themed Kid-Friendly Tabletop Role-Playing Game
A quick-and-simple way to generate the big, powerful forces in any TTRPG.
Run in browser
An expansion for the Charge TTRPG's Gear Extra that adds rules for repairing items, equipment, and relationships
Fight the Monsters With Steel or Silver in This Unofficial Witcher Inspired TTRPG
Charge Extra to add a new mechanic to the roll: the Threat Level
A Charge Extra for Managing Party Details
A mash up of Charge, Barebones Fantasy and Ironsworn
The voyage of a refugee thourgh space
Tabletop Roleplaying in a VR Metaverse
A Furry TTRPG Powered by Charge. When they tell you to give them a smile - show them how sharp your teeth are.
Play as a Glider and explore the wastes. A TTRPG powered by Charge.
A GM-less RPG about Running a Restaurant in a Realm of Monsters and Magic
Classic video game inspired roleplaying for 2-5 players
Pastoral Life and Love in the Heartland
An interactive Google Sheet for your Charge RPG characters. Easy to use, easy to modify.
Explosive Cinematic Action Roleplaying in Charge
An exploration and survival game powered by Charge
Reclaim the parazoic, a post apocalyptic future where dinosaurs once again rule the earth.
A Powered by Charge game about an AI and the people who help it save the community, for 2 or more players.
A game about superheroes and healing.
A game of post-war fantasy thrillers, where all pacts are binding and life itself is the currency of the day.
A way to convert Charge TTRPGs into adventure card games!